In-Put on Managing a Multi-slave Household

I’m looking for input from fellow Female dominants who are willing to share advice on the topic of “jealousy and managing an M/s structured household with multi-slaves”.  I’ve recently decided to write another article on “Jealousy” albeit an “informal” article, as a few callers from Niteflirt have called seeking advice on how to deal with other slaves.  Callers will often ask what measures I take to avoid feelings of jealously among My slaves. The answer is— I don’t do anything:  slaves are equal as a matter of fact.  There are no slave hierarchies in My home; they are interchangeable and neither slave has more value than the next.  What’s important to My slaves is not whether the next male is a better servant, but rather, that I value their service and I want them there, with Me.

I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂



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