Audience With Me
serve a real Mistress
If you truly seek to meet Me and possibly serve Me, there is no greater way of going about it than by purchasing a guide on how to apply as one of My hopeful slaves. In fact, this is now the only way to go about it.

So why purchase this information, you may ask? The motive isn't profit, I can assure you of that. Few men actually have the mindset to seriously endeavour throwing themselves at My mercy, to be crushed and remade as slaves. My intent of this system is to weed out the time wasters, the indecisive and the half-hearted, for out of one hundred men, one actually has the mettle I seek. And that's still an optimistic figure.

Chances are this application isn't for you, because slavery to a Woman isn't for you. You should probably seek a Domina on any of the popular BDSM social sites there are available and pursue a D/s relationship where you will serve as a "submissive" and have your fetishes catered to.

I am a Female Supremacist who seeks male slaves. Therefore, be warned: you are not purchasing a "session" or a playdate with Me. You are not purchasing a chat with a future girlfriend. You are purchasing a treatise on how to properly contact Me and present yourself as a new creature for My consideration. Beyond this, there is no promise made or implied. Be certain you have an interest in Me, My way of life and in submitting to an Alpha Female.

Needless to say, if the cost disuades you, I'm quite happy with that. I have no use for cheap or cynical men. If what I've written describing who I am and what I'm looking for has given you pause, I thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to do an honest reality check with your own motives.

— Saharah


To begin your purchase, click the link below, which will connect you to My contact email.

You will be given further instructions on how to purchase the audience guide.