New Audio entitled “Financial Domination of My Slave” is now available within the Private Journal Page of the Member Area.

New Audio Update in the Private Journal.

Cruel humiliation never felt so good!  If you understood erotic humiliation, you would understand the appeal— trust Me, lol!

New audio.  I have two long-distance slaves.  After some time of corresponding over the phone, I began their training on-line and eventually met them in person— both here in the US and abroad.  When I don’t have them in the flesh, it’s especially important to keep the dynamic exciting.  I become bored of men quite easily, thus, it’s to their advantages I’m creative and know how to incorporate a few good mind-fucks into the mix.  I love to humiliate My boys!

The update is an audio of an email I wrote to My long-distance slave.  It’s a snippet.  

The audio begins as written below.

     Dearest fart-sniffing, cock-sucking, ass-worshipping, boot-licking, piss-drinking, shit-eating, sperm-guzzling cash-pig, slave:

Let’s get one thing straight: your balls belong under My boot heels.  (Hear the rest inside.)



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