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The tag-line on My site’s splash page here states “Most Influential Icon in Female Supremacy.” We have also decided to add, “and most Imitated” to it a while back.  Some people may wonder from time to time why I say these things, but the sorts of discoveries found turn out to justify the claim.

Some popular “Female Supremacist/Female-Led Relationship”  FemDom fetish actresses imitate My intellectual content (details behind My lifestyle protocols, philosophies, and concepts behind My images and videos), and also “borrow” My words, too. Those who follow the online Femdom fetish celebrities will likely have no trouble realizing this fact.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I guess it’s true.  That said, when it comes to intellectual property (ideas, writings, videos, etc.) I would disagree emphatically with that.  In this case, imitation is simply theft, and demonstrates not only an impoverished, lazy imagination, but a patent disrespect for the source of said inspiration. Lack of originality and authenticity I suppose engenders a special form of “imitation”.

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