New Voice Update entitled “Choice-Based Slavery: Self-Preservation and Internal Conflicts” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

New Audio Update.


On My Niteflirt advice line, I am sometimes asked how do My slaves deal with slavery and the letting go of the ego.  I don’t put much weight into the concept of “Ego” as I don’t see a separation of you and I.  The ego is a defense mechanism which says: “It’s me against the world.”   In Eastern philosophy teachings, we are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent:  you can not exist without I; I can not exist without you.  The feeling of an isolated “I” is a mirage.  That said, this doesn’t help those seeking to learn how one abandons the ego in choice-based slavery.

Therefore, I have decided to write an essay about self-preservation, the internal conflicts that arise from same, and resolutions which may help.  Some men may see themselves in what I have to say.  Others may find this useful for future reference should they enter choice-based slavery.




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