New Video Update entitled “Public and House Etiquette” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

New Video Update.

Etiquette, decorum, and protocol are of critical importance in a well-functioning D/s household, so much that the lack of it can and will corrupt the spirit of Mistress and slave.  And while slavery is hard—sometimes unbearably hard with its unabated drudgery—a slave is quickened and enlivened by an arrangement of rules and protocols that leads them to understand and rely on the design in which they exist.

Roughly four years ago I posted My core ethos online for other Women to use with their slaves, should they find it helpful. I know more than a few have been leaning in on it, as a few sites/figures have literally published the document as their own. Since then, I’ve received several requests to speak more about the rules I implement for My slaves, and in considering the interest, I decided to shoot a video that incorporates these public and house etiquette rules. Once every so often, I have My slaves recite these rules, but this time I read them out loud for the viewer.


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