Site Security Update: Memberships Now Open

Over the past few weeks, My site has been experiencing difficulties with new member signups. This was due, in part, to new SSL encryption security being placed in the system, which caused some trouble for My credit card processor. Several refunds were issued to those would-be members who attempted to join as we worked on resolving the issue.

As of today, new membership sign-ups are open once more. We’ve tested the system here several times and everything works as expected. Apologies to those who wanted to join but couldn’t, due to technical issues! I invite everyone who couldn’t access the site to rejoin. You’ll get in. Promise!

The upside to all these issues over the past week is that is now more secure than ever before. I take security quite seriously and My intent is to protect not only Myself, but all admirers, in turn. Your financial data is much safer here now and newcomers may sign up with piece of mind, knowing their information isn’t being possibly intercepted. The temporary wrinkle in things was worth that trouble in the end. 🙂

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