Don’t Give Up – It’s Not Over

Wealth is often the word people think of when they imagine someone having it all: financial wealth and material possessions galore. But these things are impermanent. The price one pays for glorifying these sorts of possessions is low-hum anxiety— anxiety over losing it all. We are good at living in denial, some of us more than others. Everyday we are one day closer to death yet we quite easily put it out of our thoughts. But it’s always there, that constant hum. You know it, I know it, we all know it. What is here today can be and will be taken away— one day.
Real wealth is being able to accept the universal law of change. Accepting that change is an inevitable part of Life is not to say one must be or pretend to be happily unaffected by change. Insofar as you are uncomfortable with change, allowing yourself to be uncomfortable instead of trying to escape the discomfort has a magical way of loosening the knot.
Wealth is also having your health, which is why today was a devastating day for many people. Regrettably the Senate passed a Motion to Proceed on repealing the Affordable Care Act.
I feel for the most vulnerable (elderly, poor, those with preexisting conditions and those in need of long-term health care) people who currently depend on the ACA to live; I can only imagine how devastated they and their families must feel right now. To worry and wonder whether you will continue to receive the care you need is the last thing you should have to think about as you work to get well.
But don’t let this dissuade you. There is still hope and ways to participate.
Contact your State Representatives and your State Senators, tell them your story.  Public pressure works.
Get organized, take action here.
Keep fighting— it isn’t over yet. United we stand!

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