You Matter

Round One:  Team Resistance!

The rallies, the marches, the phone calls, Town Hall visits, and letters worked! Ordinary citizens of the Resistance are celebrating a big win today against that insidious attempt to repeal the ACA during the wee hours of the night. Yes, the “middle of the night”. How could a group of educated men be so wholly oblivious to the urgency of accessible healthcare? They aren’t.  It’s calculated indifference; and that’s what makes it so sad.

Voices matter! Let this serve as an inspiring incentive to stay proactive!

A special thanks to two stately and dignified Women for standing up for humanity and refusing to be bullied into voting “yes”:

Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski

Leave it to Women to have the compassion and courage to step up to the plate to save accessible and affordable quality healthcare —when their own party would not.

There’s an unspoken consensus shared among smart humans:  the knowledge that Women, as a whole, operate at much higher altitudes than men.

Continue to work hard and stay proactive.  Keep going to Town Halls, show up at Representatives’ offices, call, write and march.  Viva la’ Resistance!


Ps.  Note to Femdom Fans: New vid coming soon— slave-boi begs to release!

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