New Video Update entitled “Suffer To Come” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

New video upload:  Suffer To Come! Men serve their Goddesses in many ways and sometimes it’s for sheer, devilish amusement!


Why should a man release without first earning the right?  I can’t think of one reason!  Though, if it’s for My amusement, perhaps it’s something to consider.  “Amusement” is a bit of a one-way door in My world, often meaning a physical ordeal of some shape or form on the male’s part!

Last evening, I felt the urge to inflict the most disgusting humiliation upon My slave. Not only to abase him, but to see him strive desperately to obey Me while I was subjecting him to the ugliest degradation. He had not done anything special to warrant such treatment actually, except for the fact he was suffering from extended chastity. I ordered him to ingest the most revolting food, and the mere thought of him suffering amused Me. There was no limit to what My male would try to endure to please Me, and he’d never dare refuse anything I handed him, however disgusting it might be.

Of course the harder My male tried to submit and humor Me, the more it provoked My cruelty. What’s a slave for if not to stimulate the vindictiveness of his Mistress?  And his pathetic attempts to swallow the increasingly nauseating mess I was handing him only served to excite My ferocity. Actually, it required nerves of steel to keep Myself from thinking about the vile thing I kept forcing him to eat!

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