New Photos And Writing entitled “Slave Objectification” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

New writing and photos update!

There is the BowFlex, Ab Roller, Belly Burner, etc.—all neat gadgets, I’m sure— but I don’t need any of that stuff when I have My slave willing to take on inanimate forms of My choosing.  And My slave makes quite a lovely inanimate object indeed, such as a bench and stool to work out My gilded glutes.  I use My male expressly for this purpose when the mood suits Me.  Unloaded are photos of My using My slave as a towel boy!  Note:  If a Mistress is going to invest in a slave, She may as well use him for practical purposes.  I consider “Face Sitting” more as a reward for good behavior than it is for convenience— it’s actually a pain in the ass to sit like that for more than a minute or two.



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