The Art Of Bernard Montorgueil (c. 1920)

Bernard Montorgueil’s art depicting Feminine and elegant Ladies in complete control of male slaves must have been somewhat of a novelty in his day, when the notion of servile males wasn’t as openly embraced. You’ve come a long way, baby—and thank goodness for that.

I happen particularly enjoy the above images from his collection. They aren’t the most graphic or outrageous, but they truly do convey a casual elegance and sensuality in the Females, who keep their males completely nude in the household while they remain opulently dressed and living beautifully. The males are kept instruments of pleasure—mere toys for the amusement of their Mistresses, who use the exposed and vulnerable bodies of their slaves for their own pleasures at their own whims. This embodies the image of Female Supremacy in art; men reduced to animal simplicity and arousal and Women living in elegance, served and obeyed passionately. I like that! 🙂

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7 Responses to The Art Of Bernard Montorgueil (c. 1920)

  1. slave sam says:

    This is exactly what human nature is like and an illustration of what a normal household life is like without the twisted value by patriarchism.

  2. badger13 says:

    Mistress Sahara as usual you have hit the mark completly. males should be naked and should sport an erection in total salute to his superior female. the female should be dressed as she desires either provacative or mundane it matters not which she is female she is superior and the male should show its appreciation of her superiority with a hard erection fully controlled and under her control always

  3. serviluc says:

    As sam say this is the natural way of things, Women will always be superior to male, even in that time where Womens freedom was limited. At that time this universal truth expressed herself by chivalrous manners: male standing-up when a Woman enter or leave, male kneeling to ask Woman’s hand, male opening doors to his Female natural superior, male pulling out chair for his Female Superior, etc. Female supremacy always was there because Female are Superior to male and always be. Now, Woman are free and can take Her place as ruler of males subservants. She can press Her foot on our head and assert proudly Her natural rigth to absolute domination over us.

  4. loren says:

    Life as it should be.

  5. slavekal says:

    I may not know art, but I know what I like.

  6. servileslave says:


    Very respectfully i agree with all You say about Montorgueil who i think was one of the greatest FemDom artists. One of my favourites is where two dominant Females are exchanging property – a bound, muzzled and naked male. The male is clearly owned and trained and i suspect its trainer is the more functionally dressed Female who holds the leash that is secured around its testicles and appears to be about to hand it over to the other more beautifully dressed Female who is either its owner or is going to be using it, and who has a very effective looking switch in Her hand and a demeanor that suggests full awareness of Her natural superiority.

    What is so powerful about it is that the male is exactly what we are; an object, trained, naked and fit for purpose – to serve the superior sex in what every way She desires.

  7. cpix says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog & I must congratulate you.. this is a work of art! To see the men worship the women is most exciting.

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