Saharah Eve: Female Supremacy and Female Led Relationships

New Video Update entitled “Slaves’ Releases Are An After-Thought” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

New Video: Slaves’ Releases Are An After-Thought

Like any Mistress, I don’t prioritize My slaves’ sexual pleasures.  Often slaves are teased, denied and/or ignored.  Oh, don’t worry:  slaves love Us for this sort of treatment!  I’ll be writing an article soon on the psychology behind chastity-slaves and why they are so addicted to being denied.  (Men: call Me on Niteflirt if you’d like to share your thoughts)  Stay tuned.

New Video:  While I put My make-up on before meeting My Girlfriend for Happy Hour, I condescended to allow My slave to release. As per usual, I basically ignored the creature as he jerks out that pent-up, gross white mess from his piss pump. LOL Male orgasms are insignificant unless they are controlled and used for a Woman’s purpose.









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Season’s Greetings Everyone!

Created by My lovely slave, nanshakh. 😀

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Refuting Misogynist Rhetoric

It probably isn’t too hard to see that we live in very interesting times for both sexes. At no point before in history has a resounding affirmation for the continued liberation of Women across the world been heard, and at no time in history has the excellence of the Female been lauded more. From college campuses to the halls of congress, Women are proving in exponential numbers that they are just as capable as men, and then some.

You may also know of an (arguably) developing trend in our contemporary age around a new Female archetype that is decidedly alpha, and Women aren’t the only ones on board with it; many men find themselves enthusiastic supporters, not only of Female equity with men, but of a new generation of modern Women who prefer Female led relationships, where the male is beta. Along with this has come the increasing sentiment that Females are not only equal to males, but in many ways superior to them. Research continues to find that from many key perspectives, the Female is biologically superior to the male. Overall, social statistics clearly shows the problems males present to society in the form of violent crime, sexual assault and domestic abuse. The presence of Female students in universities continues to rise while male participation stresses to keep up. In politics, media and business, the value of the Feminine touch is increasingly sought after.

Then of course there are people like myself, who outwardly advocate Female Supremacism, and suggest living Female-led relationships without apology or pretense. I’m certainly not unique. Others have come before me, with similar refutations of male hegemony and the advocacy of Female dominance in relationships.

Such sentiments aren’t appreciated by all, however. There are some men in the world who feel exactly the opposite; they are threatened by the growing wave of Female empowerment and advocacy. They seek to overthrow it in whatever way they can through sociopolitical disinformation campaigns. Below are some of the more typical gimmicks employed to this end. Learn to identify disinformation tactics and their typical authors, for the first step in proper retaliation is identifying your target.

The man masquerading as Woman

The internet is of course an uncertain place, and one never knows who one is really dealing with online. This is generally not of much consequence if an argument is sound; thoughts are, after all, thoughts, regardless of the dubious nature of the poster, but there comes a time when sexist rhetoric is often better pawned off through the object of that sexism itself, so as to give the illusion of legitimacy and acceptance by its very victims. Men have often found it more beneficial to play the part of a Woman bemoaning the evils of so-called “Feminism”, or advocating (albeit gently) the virtue of misogyny. Beware of supposed “Women” who have made it their mission to modestly denounce Female Supremacy or encourage the sexist degradation of Women and Girls; chances are you’re likely dealing with a bitter man who has too much time on his hands. Well, on one hand, in the very least.

The pro-male propagandist

Some men enjoy building blogs and/or websites that drone on endlessly about the evils of Feminism AND Female Supremacy, all under the precept that their rants are based on objective observation. Fair enough. We all have a right to our opinions and what we have gleaned from our experiences, but when common sense is blurred and logical argumentation meanders into willful propaganda and hate mongering, their agendas are obvious. Some are downright brilliant in their writing, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that their “objective criticisms”, are anything but. Be wary of men who make Feminism—a sociopolitical movement to achieve civil equality with men—synonymous with Female Supremacy. The two are distinctly separate philosophies and separate phenomena, but it’s understandable the benefit they get by lumping the two together; making Feminism a doctrine of supremacy for the Female incites anger and creates the perfect bogeywoman to rail against.

The arguing ostrich

There are some men who will openly request evidence of Female superiority, often with the requirement of “scientific metrics” and “peer-reviewed papers”. When they receive accredited resources that support, for instance, Female biological or social/behavioral advantages over males, they lazily refute them, all the while failing to answer with any countering citations of their own. Instead they may suddenly shift to more obscure methods of argumentation, like “philosophy”, despite it was they who originally wanted hard evidence, hard metrics, books, etc. With such gross intellectual irresponsibility, such a person is usually not all that effective in argument, but if his rhetoric is crafted cleverly enough, the ignorance he peddles can become partially convincing to misinformed readers. Do the research. Get the facts, and determine for yourself where you stand. Don’t allow a propagandist crank’s “take” on science, history, politics or sociology to become yours just because it’s easy to read and agree with, or because it’s politically safe.

The “femdom” Female Supremacist

There are men who worship and adore Women physically, mentally and spiritually, and so doing, serve as their slaves, and then there are men who centralize it strictly around their shallow hormonal drives. Fixated hopelessly upon their kinks, cross dressing, erotic obsessions and self drama, these men make the worship of Women little more than a vehicle for what it is they truly worship: their erections. The greedy and self-centered erotic fantasies of males serve as a poor substitutes for representing the spirit of true Female worship and Female Supremacy, turning the idea into little more than kinky fun. Don’t let the leather, strap-on and sissy caricatures produced by and made for men stand in place of higher intellectual exchange on the subject of Female Supremacism or the practice of it, more particularly.

The (patriarchal) mystic

Finally there are men (and Women) who fight for male dominion through religious propaganda of varying degrees, quoting chapters and verses to justify continuing a legacy of discrimination toward Women and the disproportional benefit of men. Cross or crescent, Female Supremacy represents a threat, as it undermines patriarchal divinity and holds Women sacred, leading to the ideas of Goddesses, Matriarchal societies, etc. Hiding behind religious rhetoric, they further the legacy of their male dominance and gentle misogyny by attempting to make strong, thinking and independent Women who use the power of their sexuality and Female intellect second only to the Devil himself.

It would be refreshing to see so many men (and even some Women) drop the gimmicks and intellectual facades so they can just come out with the truth: they don’t trust Female power and they don’t trust Females in power. More to the point, seeing the Female as “the better sex” is incredibly alarming. They may be misogynists at heart, or slaves to the status quo of political correctness between the sexes. I, on the other hand, mince no words about My biased beliefs—I admit am a Female Supremacist, and I further admit that I’m convinced of the validity of My viewpoints about the sexes. I have challenged men to produce evidence that My arguments for exalting the Female Sex are unsound. Thus far, I have been unimpressed by the counter-evidence, scientific or philosophical, they bring to the table.


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Video Preview: Mass Mantra

Mass Mantra: Slave Rules To Saharah EveYet another example of the power of the Female sex. They say a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, and in this case, I think that’s right on the money. Before shooting this scene with several of My slaves, a well known bottom in the Femdom porn industry wanted to tag along in the group, making a total of five nutsacks to kick. The more, the merrier, I say. 😉

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The Legacy of Shaming The Sexually Vibrant Woman

“Yeah, she’s a slut.”

When you read that, who do you imagine saying it? How do you imagine them saying it? One might very well think of a man speaking furtively to another with a half-grin. Then again, one might think of two Women engaging in a little indirect character assassination while an attractive lady in heels which are a little too high and lipstick that’s a little too red passes by. Men seem perpetually in conflict over their desires: they crave the wanton slut secretly, but shun her when it’s socially obligated of them. Some of the most prudish Women have at least one skirt that’s decidedly a little too short among their vestments, and like men, secretly keep a little corner in their minds for the mysterious coquette or vampy femme fatale. That won’t keep her from belittling a nubile beauty who liberally embodies this image, however. It’s peculiar how Women will undermine the sexual power of other Women in gossip with the same tone they’d have in discussing the latest shade of violet that’s in fashion. On some level, we love to hate the slut, yet on another level, we’ll burn her at the stake when it’s necessary—or consume her hungrily. It’s all so very twisted.

What is it about the sexually liberated Woman that entices, yet scares people so much? Obviously, the power of sex is strong—perhaps the strongest force in humans, and in so being, one of the strongest forces on Earth. Since time out of mind, the vivacious and sensually powerful Woman has been sought through the compulsions of natural desires, and yet, one who has any understanding of the human world and the way it has operated for so long one will concede to the reality that humans are also at war with this power.

Consider, if you will, the major religions of the world in a brief walk through history. At one time, early in the evolution of primitive hunter-gatherer societies, the human animal inevitably realized its own finite nature, and Female life-giving power was (most likely) considered a divine mystery. Whether true Matriarchal societies existed seems to have little evidence, though Goddess statues, or what appears to be homages to Female power, still survive from this early time in human history—as far back as 30,000 BCE. We know the neopagan practice of Wicca, for instance, draws its roots from European Pagan beliefs in a fertility Goddess and a horned God who was her helpmate. The nubile Maiden represented youth and sexuality, the Mother symbolized the Female power of creation, and the old Woman was the symbol of wisdom and our return to the Earth. Indeed, people at one time did honor the Female sex. How these cultures lived and to what extent they flourished remains argued by historians, but we can conclude without much difficulty that as patriarchal influence began to grow and spread (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), the principle of Female power was gradually and purposefully demystified, thus removed from religious observation and practice for all but a select minority of surviving practices. Indeed, the concept of the male deity had risen and put a stranglehold on the world, bringing war and oppression. Women were thought of as possessions of their fathers, and not allowed to speak in churches or partake in any sacred rites past marriage to men, which was often not entirely up to them.

The patriarchal nature of these societies didn’t wish to recognize inherent Female sexual power. In fact, they sought to suppress it and remove it from any consideration whatsoever. The lunacy and depth to which male-dominated spiritualism went was pervasive, and is perhaps best evidenced by the predication of Christianity on a “Virgin Mother.” Preposterous! Certainly, the act of sex was considered “impure,” as it is, mysteriously, in many spiritual practices and disciplines in which men are the majority.

Obviously, this created, culture-wide, a deeply set distaste of and fear over Female sexuality, which lingers on to this day, not only in the far reaches of the Middle East, but in so-called “liberated” Western societies that proudly embrace Feminism. “Slut shaming,” as it has come to be known, continues with zeal and cruel aplomb. It’s a mistake to think the men are the only ones behind this, however. Ironically, sometimes it’s  Women who maintain these stigmas just as well—even at their own disadvantage and exploitation. This is the terribly tragic state of Females today: while we have made great strides in freeing ourselves from the many tentacles of male-defined organized religion and it precepts, and while organized religion itself is slowly degrading due to increasing intellectual and ethical freedom, we are still, culturally, at war with its subversive influences to Female empowerment, and the most undermining vestige that remains is disabusing men, and particularly Women, of this veiled hatred for the Female sex.

Why do we tear at and belittle each other, Sisters? Why do we keep the legacy of sexual dysfunction and Female oppression alive by engaging in misogyny ourselves? I have had plenty to say about men; anyone who has read Me for some time now knows this, but now, Sisters, I’m talking to YOU. What do you do to defray the evil of patriarchal legacy? What do you personally do to fight against these exploitative and oppressive powers within Christian or Islamic faith? How are you helping the world to practice spiritualism in a healthy way, devoid of the legacy of institutionalized self-loathing for Women and Girls? Do you resist chauvinism, or are you little more than a puppet keeping your own sex in place, and in so doing, maximizing the influence of patriarchy?

Do you celebrate Female sexual power, or are you in some way ashamed of it? Have you been taught to fear it? Do you allow other men to make you fear it? Do you cover up? Do you remind yourself to act “proper” or “appropriate” in the company of general society? Do you find sexualizing yourself is morally bad?

I ask these questions not to suggest Women go about in only heels and lip gloss (though that would certainly be interesting!), but to nudge Women to bear witness to their own sexual “guilt” deep within them. Who taught you about such things as “original sin?” Even if you’re an atheist, can you honestly and convincingly say, upon reflection, that there aren’t any of these silly ideas still hiding out in your subconscious mind or behavior?

Female sexuality and its power

That Women hold immense sexual power is, of course, not a new revelation; it is in fact quite an old one, as demonstrated historically and in present day. Women have fought for social equality, equal rights in the workplace, equal education, equal pay and equal intellectual respect, but their sexuality still remains oppressed, defined, and stigmatized by the uptight conservatism and prudishness of what are now today vestiges of a once vastly malignant patriarchal control which sought to limit and mute the power and influence of the Female sex. Why should we hold back this power today? There are no compelling reasons.

I encourage all Women, particularly the younger, to find their sexual power and channel it for their own personal gain, freedom, and power. If you’re a Woman who happens to be reading this, please pass this appeal on: Dress how you want and look how you want.  Celebrate your sensuality.  Tantalize, charm, seduce and control with the invisible leash that is your sex.  Adorn your body with decorative jewels of gold and silver, though your body in its raw form is the real Temple. Shape your body to be healthy, strong and devilishly irresistible. Accentuate and beguile as you see fit. Do all of this, but don’t for a moment question your natural animal charms, nor glorify yourself for the approval of men; do it to be their conqueror, for even without the adornments, the power of the Female sex cannot be denied. You are no longer dependent upon men to survive, thanks widely to the efforts of your own sex. Be proud of that. Once released from the mental prison men have managed to build around you over so many centuries, you’ll find the male of the species is as pliable as putty in your hands (this is what their ancestors feared). Celebrate your sexual self and your body’s carnal pleasures; reclaim the gift of what it means to be Female from the clutches of misogyny and crumbling institutions of “moral control.” If a man can be celebrated for his sexual vitality, why shouldn’t we, and even more so?

Why is “slut” such a dirty word? Because males, quite simply, fear us on some level. And why shouldn’t they? Men are powerfully motivated by their hormonal urges; if we Females abdicate being the pawns of religious manipulation, if we destroy the false morality that eats us from within and reclaim our ability to play those base male urges to our hearts’ content, we will effectively conquer and collar the beast that has ruled through oppression and fear once and for all. Smart men have no trouble surrendering to a Woman’s sensual influences and allowing those natural influences to enslave them. They are happy to be Our slaves and we certainly are happy they are, too. Smart men cherish sluts, because the slut is free. She is liberated and she can’t be shamed into conformity.  Like a wine connoisseur, she samples the pleasures life has to offer, knowing She is the ultimate source of pleasure itself. Why should the source of all life and pleasure not seek to please itself? Why should it not consume its acolytes if it so chooses?

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Hail To The V (Vagina, that is): The Power Of Pussy As Portrayed In Media

Finally, an ad campaign that pulls no punches about a well known aspect of Female power. Needless to say, I was amused and delighted to have stumbled upon this little gem.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Once you become a parent, it’s no longer all about you. Put your Children first, give them your time, and protect them from harm.

In case I’m not around next weekend (a slave from Italy is visiting Me for the first time) I wanted to wish all the loving, supportive, involved dads a very Happy Father’s Day! My dad and step-dad both passed away but I’ll still celebrate in their honor. 🙂

“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.”
-Anne Geddes

“Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it.”
-Harold Hulbert

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Female Entitlement

In My utopia, every Female is this privileged. And every slave is this lucky! 🙂

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Mail Bag: You Are Just Another Sex Robot For Men!

Dear Saharah,

With all due respect, for you to place most dommes in the category of women who just please male fetishes and leave yourself out is a little much. Yes you may “enjoy” treating men like puppies and dogs, pissing on them, sitting on their faces, shocking them and everything else you “like” do, but these are all things that were initially imagined by the male mind. Just like almost all dominatrices who claim they are so real, so “lifestyle”, so not doing what the men tell them too when in actuality they are. Femdom completely is male fantasy. It’s like a video a game. Yes you the player can walk wherever you like in the game, change your outfits within the game, and do different special combinations, but at the end of the day the name of the game and software was developed by perverted feminine degrading patriarchal culture, and the goal of that game is to either make them cum in some weird way, or put off their orgasm. Just like most dommes you just separate yourself from the “others” because you are successful at being spoiled. It’s just like courtesans who say they aren’t prostitutes cause they aren’t walking the streets. Just because you deal with a male of “higher” caliber doesn’t make you not what you are, an objectified automated female robot toy programmed to dominate and doesn’t realize it. Just like I know you will like to think that your fake boobs, fake nails, fake hair are all just a natural expression of your femininity and has nothing to do with pleasing men. We both know that isn’t true. We know women didn’t invent these things, didn’t need those things, and those things were developed to make woman in man’s ideal plastic image. That’s who you are despite how smart or how well put together you are.

Again I’m not saying this to be disrespectful, but I get tired of hearing certain females make it seem like they built the house they live in. You are a male sexual object. All your interests in subjugating males were introduced to you by males and their cocks. You just made their interests your own because you sleep in a bed that they purchased, and travel and live at their expense. Which nothing is really wrong with that. But I challenge you to “enslave” these boys without treating them like animals, without hurting or “degrading” them. Or can you? I would like to see you express your dominance outside of the male imagination, without “using their desires against them”. Only then will you be doing what you for you and not to upkeep a fantasy world for lowly perverted males. Otherwise you will only be dealing in the realm of pleasing them, directly or indirectly. I would also bring it to your attention that matriarchal means mother-centered, which doesn’t mean female-centered. A matriarchy is a culture, a community, an economy, that includes women, their families, and their environment, not a male constructed fantasy. To bring up the word matriarchy means to invoke ancient cultures where mothers dominated not through degradation or pissing on people but because of their true feminine powers of giving and sustaining life, human and non-human. I would like to see “matriarchal” dommes think in those terms.


Dear Madam:

It may surprise you to hear me say that it is you, actually, who is the instrument of “the patriarchy”, as much as you may not think you are.

Scratching your head? Please allow me to explain.

In general, your leeriness of male influence and meddling in the world has a definite thread of wisdom, but they way I see it, taking it to this paranoid extreme serves as nothing more than the ultimate way to strip Women of their sexual power, influence and dominance.  In your world view, Women are destined to be sex objects no matter what, apparently.  How very convenient that:

a. being a sex object is unavoidable, and

b. you have consigned yourself to the shell game—purposefully or inadvertently—that being a sex object is inherently bad in this day and age.

I was surprised to learn after reading your words that everything I think and every action I take in my dominance with my males (or appreciation for my own Feminine aesthetic as well, it seems) is somehow a contrivance of males and male thinking and male influence and male directives. To that I say, with all due respect in return, nonsense.

I do understand the ways the sexes influence one another.   Women, just like men, do not and most likely will not ever live in a vacuum from each other.  We influence and are influenced by the opposite sex in ways big and small; this is inevitable and ultimately apparent to a mature, rational thinker who isn’t afraid of getting cooties or being in the presence of an unabashed erection.  With that being said, your insistence that I’m just another cloned fetish robot that never had an original thought in her head when it came to dominating men is not only ludicrous (given that you don’t know me and have never been privy to my formative thoughts) but also (and rather ironically, I might add) underscores how original I really am, in the end—if we buy into your idea that all Women are various permutations of Stepford Wives obeying the supreme male directive. Fortunately, that’s just not true. Females have fully functioning brains, and can have brazen thoughts of their own.  What a novel idea!

You see, when I was in elementary school, my friends and I enjoyed picking on the boys we liked. We would tease them, taunt them, manipulate them, and sometimes downright torture them, and not out of hostility either, but a desire to “have fun”. I can personally remember accounts of us Girls holding boys down and slow-drolling our spit right into their mouths, or outrunning and tackling young males on the recess field for the sheer thrill of it. They grew to love the attention and would tease us back to try and get our attention all over again.  I enjoyed having boys carry my books for me or fetch things out of my locker for me later on in junior high.  I called them my “go get it” boys.  During these times I was wholeheartedly enjoying the influence and power I had over the males of my age, and this is long before I came to put words to the things I did.  This was also all without the aid of the internet and BDSM porn so ever-present with the click of a mouse today.  I suppose the patriarchy was influencing me in some other way, even then?  Perhaps it was in the school’s Kool Aid or peanut butter bars? Mmmm, peanut butter bars! Remember those?

Anyway, regarding your assertions of objectifying myself for men in everything I do, I’d would say you do have a very narrow and once again limited view on who I am and how I live my life.   Has it ever dawned upon you that we Women actually like being pretty and dolled up and beautifully feminine all of Our own accord?  We no doubt use our make-up and hair styles and long nails and heels to attract and seduce men, but we often do the same for other Women, too.   I personally am quite attracted to Females; I often find them more interesting sexually and intellectually than most men.  My lesbian friends have their nails done, wear make-up, high heels, and so on, and there isn’t a man in sight during their bedroom activities.  Kinda bursts your over-glorified blowup doll for the patriarchy bubble a little, now doesn’t it?

Now that we’re on to bursting bubbles, let us pick apart more of your unfortunate (and rather gross) truisms.  You claim that “Femdom” was invented by males.  While some cliché iterations of “Femdom” may be orchestrated solely by the aggregate demand of nutsacks, “Femdom” and Female dominance are not perfectly synonymous anyway, at least not in my book.  There is without a doubt a “product” version of Female dominance in circulation; it is so rapaciously consumed by the types who frequent “dungeons” and pick from a menu what sensation play they require to come out an hour later grinning ear-to-ear.  I don’t want you to think I look down upon these types, or the very talented actresses who often play the parts these men need, but to lump all dominant Females into the same group of “Femdom is a male fantasy” is block headed, utterly ignorant, and smacks of little to no balanced, real-world experience at all; you are blind (or quite determined not to see) the different forms of Female dominance there are in the world, not to mention the fact that simply because a “pro” serves in one capacity doesn’t mean She isn’t being served in another—or is everything so absolute and bi-level to you?

Further, to say Female dominance is wholly and completely a product and invention of the male not only goes against the living example that I know I am, but also requires a fairly lengthy and esteemed peer-reviewed research paper indicating just exactly how this is so. Somehow I doubt this paper and the exhaustive historic research that accompanies it is actually forthcoming.  Your stance, in one blunt and ignorant motion, denies the origin of dominance having a possibility in the Female sex, and your insistence that it’s all a “video game” that Women are trapped in is cynical, pessimistic, defeatist, and finally, pro-male propaganda disguising itself as a “reality check”, which does little more than perpetuate the power of its idea, ironically.  We live in a world with a human population of 6.6 billion, roughly half of which is Female, according to sites like Geohive. Are you saying that out of the 3,386,509,865 Females (calculated in 2008) in the world, not a single one ever conceives on Her own the idea of controlling the man in Her life or dominating him?  Of using Her Female intellect and charms to control him?   Ordering his dinner for him?  Deciding on a movie to see for the evening?  Insisting on almost always driving?  Administering chores in the household?  Managing his money?  Insisting on gentlemanly etiquette?  Initiating sex and intimacy? Of belting him?   Slapping him?  Caging him?  Sitting on his face?  Urinating on him?   Having Her way with him in general?  Honestly, it takes more faith to believe in that than it does to believe the second coming of Christ is soon at hand.

Your insinuations that I do not really like doing what I do are equally untenable, considering I am the only one who can speak with authority on who I am and what I like. Who invented what—even if it could be proven or even if such a dichotomy made sense to bring up—is wholly and completely irrelevant. I’m quite free to (and do) engage in whatever activities amuse or interest or benefit me, regardless of who first invented this or that. I have no trouble writing this to you on a computer and operating software that was no doubt conceived, designed and engineered mostly by carriers of the Xy chromosome.

You further go on to rather “elegantly” state that who and what I am is entirely a product of mens’ cocks. You place yourself in the lofty position of enlightened mentor to my childish and naive assumptions about men, sex, and more importantly, myself and the entire world I live in. I wonder, when does my choice to swallow a red or blue pill come in?

Your cited evidence to convince me of my apparent delusions are statements such as “you sleep in a bed that they purchased, and travel and live at their expense”. Let’s assume for a moment that you know exactly how I make and manage all my income, and what I have is all purchased at the expense of men. I say: so what? But adding further on to this, I’ll now touch upon the reality: the bed I sleep in was paid for by me, if you must know. The house I live in is paid for by me too, as are many of my possessions. Those things that I do receive from men are a direct result of my efforts, intellect, imagination, will, and desire, not to mention their hard-earned money and obsequious attention. I think it’s fair to say you don’t have much of a point thus far, if you care to read between the lines.

You further go on in inviting me to express my dominance with my males outside of the male imagination, without “using their desires against them”. Why? Is not taking male intellect and imagination, desire and instinct into account when dominating them the supposed high road? If so, I have quite a few lifestyle friends from “both sides of the whip”, as they say, who would take issue with that idea, and they aren’t victims of pro-male propaganda.

And, perhaps the jewel of all your statements: “Only then will you be doing what you do for you and not to upkeep a fantasy world for lowly perverted males. Otherwise you will only be dealing in the realm of pleasing them, directly or indirectly.”

I find your outlook on the company I keep fairly insulting and tremendously misinformed—and that’s putting it nicely. Who is this person who speaks to me as if she/he has the authority and worldliness to dictate when or how or why my dominance with my males is real or not? Further, I find this need to discard male pleasure as a prerequisite of “real” Female dominance a foolish and unrealistic (and not to mention inhuman) notion. Per your obviously polarized and distorted outlook on Female dominance and male submission, you are in no position to lecture to me on what it is that I do and enjoy.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Female dominance is real. It doesn’t matter that men in our lives are getting what they want from time to time. We Women are getting what we want three-fold over, and the only limits inhibiting a Woman’s power or the horizons to which She can take Herself are her own cynicism and lack of imagination. Just because we may use our sexuality to turn heads, gain admirers, clients, lovers and slaves doesn’t make us victims. This is a new age, and new battle lines in the war of the sexes are being drawn in many parts of the world. In fact, they are being moved, broken and ultimately blurred. As the dust settles with each new renovation, things are looking pretty good for Women. Things aren’t looking much like a war at all, in fact. While there is still much to be done for the betterment of Women, it’s important to keep in mind the virtues of a modern western society, if you are so inclined to live in one. As for you personally, I’m sorry you live in such a pessimistic and paranoid world that you believe there is a phantom phallus lodged permanently in all Women’s actions and motives. It must be awful really believing that.

P.s. For the record:

1. A family, society, community or state governed by Women.
2. A form of social organization in which the Mother is head of the family, and in which descent is reckoned in the Female line.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary (I can quote Oxford too, if you like).

Lest there be any doubt, it’s both definitions I include when I speak of matriarchy. You’re free to insist definition two is the only relevant item, but it doesn’t mean we have to listen to you.

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Beneath Me Find Purpose

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The Art Of Bernard Montorgueil (c. 1920)

Bernard Montorgueil’s art depicting Feminine and elegant Ladies in complete control of male slaves must have been somewhat of a novelty in his day, when the notion of servile males wasn’t as openly embraced. You’ve come a long way, baby—and thank goodness for that.

I happen particularly enjoy the above images from his collection. They aren’t the most graphic or outrageous, but they truly do convey a casual elegance and sensuality in the Females, who keep their males completely nude in the household while they remain opulently dressed and living beautifully. The males are kept instruments of pleasure—mere toys for the amusement of their Mistresses, who use the exposed and vulnerable bodies of their slaves for their own pleasures at their own whims. This embodies the image of Female Supremacy in art; men reduced to animal simplicity and arousal and Women living in elegance, served and obeyed passionately. I like that! 🙂

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Female Assets

SUBMISSIVE MEN: Knowing who I am, does this image irk you? Be honest.  Does something about this photo feel incompatible with the image you have of Me?

In case you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll explain. For some (in fact many), the idea of a dominant Female on all fours engenders the incompatible specter of “submission”.  I sort of forgot that until I read the well-intentioned words of a loyal acolyte, warning that the photo may be taken “in the wrong posture”.

I’m above needing such advice, though it’s of course true that some men do think this way…even men who claim to believe in the natural supremacy of Women. Extending the logic of that thinking tends to make one think, however, about all the fetishes Women embody for men. Does wearing high heels make a Woman a panderer to male fetish, for instance? What about short skirts or thigh-high boots? I’m aware that it’s not so much what you wear, but how you wear it; the essence of the attitude, the tacit gestures of dominance.  Yet still, if you take the objectification of the Female—and the part in it She Herself plays—to it’s most extreme end, one sees a great many things to which women acquiesce for the allure of the visual.

Is this an act of homage to male dominance, however? I emphatically say no. To Think so is to buy into the idea that any expression of Female sexuality that results in male arousal is therefore strictly in the service of males. In a biological sense, one might say that sexualizing oneself is a method of appealing to the opposite sex, of rousing him (or Her) to action, but is this the same as submitting to the opposite sex?

I can sit like a Queen on a throne and push My foot forward for a slave to massage or clean with his tongue. I can crawl on all fours in complete nudity, wielding the obvious power of that entreaty on the male libido. Is it for him? It might just be, but whom does it ultimately serve? Me, of course.

Even Women who are “submissive” hold the magic of their flesh—the magic of their coveted sex—and in the end, it is the possessor of this magic that is really possessor overall.  This power of sex is the power of Women, and frankly, we have let men capitalize and frame this power this way and that for far too long.  Who is a man to say what is contained in any posture of our beauty, or anyone, for that matter?   Where do these ideas come from?  Exposure to lad magazines in formative years and the lingering elements of chauvinism from old and outdated ways of thinking delude us into modesties about the Female form and its body language.

To My Sisters I would suggest liberation from this way of thinking, to celebrate in the beauty and power that is the Female form, to accept that even if we stand over Our males or bend provocatively at them, We still envelope, either way.

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I uploaded a new video to the members area featuring some trampling and abject foot worship. This practice has little practical use for anything other than My sheer sadistic amusement in causing a lot of pain to My slaves. Conceptually, having your back walked on doesn’t sound all that terrible an ordeal—until of course you consider that all My weight is pinpointed on the narrow spots of My high heels. Ouch. Very painful! I often draw blood doing this, too, and the screams are, well…always enjoyable.

Or view it here.

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Foot Worship

Males lick our heels because they worship and desire us; hoping they just might get a chance to culminate their desire through the ancient ritual of intercourse and mating.  We make men give of their hard labor and earnings. We make them grovel lustfully and sacrifice.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words—a moving one even more so. I’ve taken a liking to narrating the movies I make with My expressed thoughts. Click on the image to the left for a sample of My latest foot worship video.

Or view it here.

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Seed Retention: The Enforced Continuum of Male Desire Under Matriarchal Rule

I have recently written an article on the good of retaining male seed in My private Journal here.  I will be curious to know the thoughts of members, especially My acolytes. All this is on the heels of a new seed retention program I intend on initiating in My soon to be complete worship page within the members area. More to come on that soon…

Indeed, the Female symbol in My ideal world represents a gateway of many things: a passage through which life enters the world, a portal through which man aches to renew himself, an entrance of fleshly and spiritual Nirvana.  For what is male without pouring himself into Female, the primary organism?”

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Mail bag: Are submissive men losers?

Dear Saharah,

We spoke awhile back and I was a member of your site for a while. Have been into Female Supremacy for a long time and am in agreement with your very articulate opinions.

For highly complex reasons, humiliation is a sexual turn on for me. Am struggling with whether it is possible to be submissive and at the same time not be a “loser”.   Are the men you are having eat out of dog dishes and engaging in masturbation contests losers?


Dear Tim,

Obviously, I can’t speak for all dominant Females, but I will say this is a very common idea produced from very common thinking.  I just recently had to address this misconception with an admirer who assumed those who serve Me are weak and pathetic.  Slavery—true slavery, true sacrifice, by will alone—isn’t sought by the weak.  Those men who seek to serve are courageous and passionate men who place themselves under My heel to be crushed and molded. They give themselves up, along with their male ego, to be humiliated, debased, used and exploited. Let’s see your average garden variety tough guy on the football team suffer a day of that for a Woman.  This isn’t to say My slaves aren’t pathetic, groveling, weak and hopelessly obedient, loving puppets for Me (they definitely are!), but that is a far cry from being a capital L “loser” in general.  Why would I want a worthless and useless person who has nothing to offer?  What is there to be gained from that?  I want useful, passionate worshipers who believe in what I believe, not useless scum from the bottom of the barrel.

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Enoch Bolles via

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Mail Bag: Too Mean?

Dear Ms. Saharah Eve,

Knowing about your site for a long time now, I finally got the courage to join.  I have to say I enjoy Your site a lot. All Your writings on Female Supremacy put a shinier light on things I’ve always felt since I was in my 20s. I love and admire all the images and videos too, but I have a question about Your content that’s been nagging at me for about a long time now, and it’s basically this. Are You always as mean all the time as You are in most of Your videos? There’s a bunch of videos where you can see you’re having a lot of fun but there seems so much more where you’re strict and militant.  The reason I ask is that I have always felt Female Supremacy creates more harmony than violence and discord. You show a very thoughtful person behind Your website, but some of Your videos seem so violent that it sometimes seems to contrast too harshly against what You convey in Your writings. I wonder what You’d have to say about that.


Dear William,

I do understand your take on the contrast somewhat. It’s true that Female Supremacy does create more harmony between the sexes, but we have to keep in mind that this is achieved through strict male discipline, among other things. Those “other things” don’t convert very well on a site like this. After all, this is a pay for content website. The loving, nurturing side, though it can be expressed in some ways through this medium, isn’t what really draws eyeballs to a pay site. Let’s face it: the image of cruel Female authority resonates far better with an online audience, and for good reason too. It’s fascinating to watch a Woman discipline Her male(s). It challenges us on one level, being that we are still living within a society that inherits patriarchal thinking. If but for no other reason than morbid fascination alone, it’s intriguing to see Women pushing and slapping men around in a grandiose reversal of sorts. And, on another level, it’s viscerally entertaining to watch slaves being punished, and it taps into the natural human tendency to find fascination in cruelty. Then, of course, there’s some who add to that a love for Female Supremacy and the context it provides to the harsh treatment of male slaves. That certain potpourri is a more advanced appreciation for the sadism displayed here, for lack of a better way of putting it.

That being said, I wouldn’t want to give the impression that the videos you see on My site are always premeditated for effect only. The simple fact is, more than half of the content on My site is documenting service, training or punishment in some way. What one tends not to see on My site is the gentle guidance, nurturing and everyday drudgery that wouldn’t be so enticing to watch online for most people. The pleasures of those things are better lived out than watched in pixels. It’s often difficult to get these sorts of things across on film and make them worthwhile for entertainment purposes, but who knows? Perhaps it might be worth giving it a shot. I’m curious what others think about this.

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Sometimes male submission can be a little shocking…


I get an occasional question about “the device” I’m using on My males from time to time. I suppose it’s worth asking about how I can summon pain with a little remote I hold in My hand. Quite fittingly, what I lock around the sacks of My slaves is nothing more than a shock collar for dogs. I have found using shock collars this way is tremendously beneficial, outside of providing Me plenty of push-button amusement. For instance, wrapping the device around the sack of your male and showing him you have the remote set to give the highest level of pain makes him stumble over himself in order to please, for fear of being zapped in his most vulnerable place.

I sometimes have men wear these devices under their pants when in public with Me. I keep the remote in My purse should the need to correct arise. Though My males are always trained to pamper, spoil and obey Me, I find the shock collar serves as an extra added incentive that puts a little more pep in their step. I honestly can’t think of a better place to correct a male than in this way; it punishes his maleness directly and brings about so much pain he’s likely to not make the same mistake again, and all this with very little effort on My part so I can spend more time enjoying life.

In that ideal contemporary matriarchal society I tend to dream about often, it would be a wonderful idea to somehow have an intricate shocking mechanism surgically implanted in the testicles of slaves, which only responds to the frequencies of their owners’ remotes. The dormant existence of the device couldn’t disrupt the production of sperm, of course, and would be safe enough to use so as to not cause long-term health problems through EMF.

Of course, that does bring to mind what happens internally to the male reproductive system when direct shock is administered through this method I use. I do consider what I’m doing to the sperm cells of the men I correct. Poor little tadpole critters. I suppose since breeding with My slaves usually isn’t on the top of My list, it’s not much of a concern at all. Bottom line? If you are serving Me and you value your little sperm factory, do what I say—especially considering the low-tech method I haven’t mentioned here but often use too: more than one swift and well-placed kick to the groin.

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Immortalized in Art.


I have had the fortune of receiving the adoration of a new and very talented male creature, Nanshakh. I have become his muse and Mistress…as it should be. First in a line of visual tributes—tributes he will be laboring over for some time—is his new excellent piece entitled Here She Comes. As I’ve said before, Nanshakh has a very clear vision of My ideal utopia, or at least My ideal Italian Villa! Male slaves, treated as nothing more than animals at My disposal…forced to live in cramped and joyless holes of concrete within a gated pen set away from My home when not in use. I like how the humble and bruised mutts come out of their holes to bow their heads as I walk by. You can see they fear Me yet adore Me at the same time; and how they would fear the sound of My heels! Join his site to see the entire vision, enlarged. You’ll agree it is quite a creation!

As an aside, I like his sense of fashion. The yellow dress and matching heels are perfect for My coloring. 🙂

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Little pleasures bestowed upon humble slaves.


I’ve recently found a magnificent artist who epitomizes Female domination and male enslavement.  His images  have captured precisely what I envision in My ideal utopia to such a degree I begin to wonder whether we were hatched from the same egg, lol.  It was recently brought to My attention that this other image in particular reminded one of My slaves of Me. I admit, the overall look and attitude are a fair resemblance.

I love how the heads of all Her naked slaves are shaven, stripping away individuality in many of the pictures. So very ideal, in an ideal world. Point your browser to, and you will see captivating images of beautiful, ornately dressed Women being served by their naked, nameless, bruised, and pathetically interchangeable male disciples / victims. *Evil Grin

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Mailbag: What are you? No, seriously…

Dear Saharah:

Since you’re such a unique personality in Femdom, I was wondering how you identify yourself when talking about what you do to others who aren’t familiar with fetish or D/s. Would you call yourself a dominatrix, a prodomme, a Mistress or something else? I sometimes feel none of these ideas really hit you square on.


Dear Kevin,

This is really a reat question. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to expound a little more about this subject, and you’ve provided one. Truthfully, I don’t see myself as fitting into any of those categories. For starters, while I do have a “fetish” website, I don’t top men for money as a professional dominatrix does. Don’t get me wrong—I don’t have a problem with that at all. Plenty of Women are doing just that and making a reasonable dime off it (you can learn more about that in this article or watching this video on, but being paid by a “client” for fantasy fulfillment is just not something I find appealing for a number of reasons. “Dominatrix” just seems a bit dated and campy, not to mention too thigh-high and officer hat for me. I like “Mistress”, but again, popular consumption of the word just leaves me divorced from using it seriously in public.

Alpha Female, on the other hand, feels good to me personally, because all it really implies is that I tend to be dominant in my relations. It doesn’t mean I’m a top service projection, a prostitute for hire, someone’s extramarital interest of kinky friend between the sheets. It rings with an authorative “pack animal” status to me, so that’s why I tend to embrace it the most. For this reason, “Dominant Woman” would equally suffice.

I’d just like to add that though labels can be very helpful, we should never just see dominant Women (or submissive men, for that matter) as strictly one-dimensional beings, summed up perfectly in whatever moniker you (or they) choose. Labels are essential in communicating ideas and information, but they are just a starting point in referencing an aspect of personality or status.  Lets not forget the human behind them, boys.

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Dog Training Video I:

First in a series of human dog training videos, I give the viewer an introduction to the key philosophies behind converting men into dog-like pets. The fundamentals of psychological conditioning and physical cues for commands are covered with simple demonstrations of punishment and reward. You can access the video here (membership required).

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Artist Tribute: The Wonderful FemDom Artist and Writer: Nanshakh

Very few artists capture the essence of what I truly idealize in regards to the crueler manifestations and glory of Female Supremacy. I often find so-called fetish artists who draw the empowered Domina are just that: artists of fetish. They do not really seem to have much of a spirit or back story to their works, outside of the outfits and the sexual/or sadomasochistic acts themselves. With Nanshakh, we can see something else entirely: males are stripped naked, their heads sheered, their personally defining features muted into degrading interchangeability. They are truly slaves, assigned to filthy drudgery and menial tasks while their Mistresses go about life, radiant, sophisticatedly arrogant and held wrapped in the luxury of comfort and decadence—all at the expense of their slaves, of course. In Nanshakh’s world, Women beautifully divine and are worshiped as such. Men—bruised, lashed and emaciated from a life of labor and minimal care—groveling and scraping for a chance to simply lick a passing Goddess’s heel. They kneel so humbly and cower and pray endlessly to their superiors, enduring cruel torments inflicted upon them by their keepers, who seem more in love with each other than the lowly male creatures around and beneath them.  It’s really no secret I truly admire his style and technique, not to mention his subject matter. It’s likewise no great mystery that I have become his Muse and his Goddess, so perhaps I’m a little biased. 😉


I encourage you to peruse his free galleries and join his member area; you will be greeted by a robust gallery of Female Supremacy and delicious male thralldom.

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