Saharah Eve: Female Supremacy and Female Led Relationships

New Video Update entitled “Afternoon Whipping 2017” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

New Video Update!





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New Video Update entitled “Slaves’ Releases Are An After-Thought” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

New Video: Slaves’ Releases Are An After-Thought

Like any Mistress, I don’t prioritize My slaves’ sexual pleasures.  Often slaves are teased, denied and/or ignored.  Oh, don’t worry:  slaves love Us for this sort of treatment!  I’ll be writing an article soon on the psychology behind chastity-slaves and why they are so addicted to being denied.  (Men: call Me on Niteflirt if you’d like to share your thoughts)  Stay tuned.

New Video:  While I put My make-up on before meeting My Girlfriend for Happy Hour, I condescended to allow My slave to release. As per usual, I basically ignored the creature as he jerks out that pent-up, gross white mess from his piss pump. LOL Male orgasms are insignificant unless they are controlled and used for a Woman’s purpose.









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New Photos Update entitled “Slave Markings of Ownership” is now available inside the Private Journal of the Member Area.

New Photos Update.

(Larger resolution inside)



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A Chastity Device For Xy Discipline?

I will avow I’m intrigued by the industry male chastity has become. There are many product choices and their quality ranges from functional to artful. The term “keyholder” is popular, even among the dabblers, too. How nice! That male seed retention has increased in popularity—even if a “diversionary fetish”—puts a smile on My face. An industry can only be as successful as the demand for it, and it’s very telling considering how popular these items have become.

As I’ve expressed in previous threads, though I highly promote and enforce seed retention and the male discipline that inevitably goes along with it, I’m more of a shock device kinda gal, and for that reason I have made makeshift zappers from canine shock collars. You can now find customized shock products specifically for male discipline through the use of a bracelet remote with options.

Unfortunately, males don’t come out of the box already trained to do dishes, clean toilets, scrub floors, do laundry, vacuum and generally work their asses off for you with passion, and even the most well intentioned men often need a little incentive to have the pep we Women are really looking for. What I’ve always liked about shock systems is their “in the moment effectiveness”—not just in delivering tremendous pain to the most sensitive area, but in terms of the worry of it being delivered.

That sort of low-involvement behavioral control for Me is ideal, though I won’t deny that there are plenty of opportunities for crops and whips, too—when I’m in the mood or need to make something doubly clear (not to be confused with when I just whip My man for fun).

Now as far as chastity devices go, I tend to operate a little differently with most, not all, of My slaves. While many of these types of products are understandably intriguing for the kinky male’s imagination (one of My longest standing slave), in every day capacity, I personally don’t find much use for metal and plastic cock blockers nor do I see them as ultimately effective as they can be painful. In a nutshell (pun intentional) I prefer a male to have the self-control and devotion to not spill his stuff when a breeze so much as grazes his genitals.

Part of My doctrine involves fostering internal self-discipline as a form of worship to Me. That and something called trust. I even encourage frequent and prolonged erections during meditative worship on My image or body in the flesh—so long as only preejaculate is produced in small amounts. If you are devoted enough to serving Me, you will take to heart how important it is that you keep your sexual energies constantly revved. I like My men passionately erect—literally and figuratively; they are so much more loving and obsequious when they are—as any dominant Woman with some experience under Her belt will tell you.

One small note to My fellow Sisters: male chastity devices are useful for men from time to time to avoid the unfortunate spillage that can occur through wet dreams, if such things become a potential problem. My longest standing slave, the horn-dog that he is, fits this perfectly. LOL

The trial and error that occurs through psychological chastity training is definitely well worth the effort; you will see your male take on a new energy with his libido bolted firmly in place (figuratively speaking, that is)!

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Letter from Prospective Slave

From time to time, I share with you certain letters we receive.  Here’s one.  I’ll be elaborating more inside the private journal as I have an upcoming “slave interview” with him.  I will film this interview as I have the others.  Look out for the video coming soon.

Dear SaharahEve,

My experience meeting you:

I will say that I have been following Saharah Eve for a number of years as an acolyte. I recently made contact with her on Night Flirt to see about meeting her as part of my path to slavery to her (to see if this was even obtainable).

I sent a letter of introduction (an essay of sorts) that spoke to my idea of how i viewed submission and desire to follow that into the ultimate paradise….slavery. After talking with Saharah Eve on the phone (emails, sending photos and essay) We/we agreed to meet for a dinner and light drinks.

The moment i saw her walk up and greet me with a hug was unbelievable…we seemed to start talking almost immediately…she asked about my background and some on how i veiwed myself…..I have a PhD and am a geek at heart.

Her personality, Her demeanor, Her beauty, all combined with her confidence.. that unspoken “knowing” of Her Superiority..and an immediate consensual sense of my place ….beneath Her.

She was soft spoken, very engaging, enthusiastic about learning new things, optimistic, and most of all her contentment, with Her position of power…ruling over those beneath Her….males….as it should be.

I am not sure that i have ever met someone that conveyed without saying a word such power in such a wonderful person ever before.

After hearing her speak for a few minutes i realized that i was in the presence of greatness.

Her attitude and the confidence of her personality confirmed my desire to meet and work my way to becoming her slave. The way She is makes you want to serve Her, obey Her, make her smile, She does this all with just Her Persona – Presence.



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Season’s Greetings Everyone!

Created by My lovely slave, nanshakh. 😀

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Female Entitlement

In My utopia, every Female is this privileged. And every slave is this lucky! 🙂

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Female Assets

SUBMISSIVE MEN: Knowing who I am, does this image irk you? Be honest.  Does something about this photo feel incompatible with the image you have of Me?

In case you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll explain. For some (in fact many), the idea of a dominant Female on all fours engenders the incompatible specter of “submission”.  I sort of forgot that until I read the well-intentioned words of a loyal acolyte, warning that the photo may be taken “in the wrong posture”.

I’m above needing such advice, though it’s of course true that some men do think this way…even men who claim to believe in the natural supremacy of Women. Extending the logic of that thinking tends to make one think, however, about all the fetishes Women embody for men. Does wearing high heels make a Woman a panderer to male fetish, for instance? What about short skirts or thigh-high boots? I’m aware that it’s not so much what you wear, but how you wear it; the essence of the attitude, the tacit gestures of dominance.  Yet still, if you take the objectification of the Female—and the part in it She Herself plays—to it’s most extreme end, one sees a great many things to which women acquiesce for the allure of the visual.

Is this an act of homage to male dominance, however? I emphatically say no. To Think so is to buy into the idea that any expression of Female sexuality that results in male arousal is therefore strictly in the service of males. In a biological sense, one might say that sexualizing oneself is a method of appealing to the opposite sex, of rousing him (or Her) to action, but is this the same as submitting to the opposite sex?

I can sit like a Queen on a throne and push My foot forward for a slave to massage or clean with his tongue. I can crawl on all fours in complete nudity, wielding the obvious power of that entreaty on the male libido. Is it for him? It might just be, but whom does it ultimately serve? Me, of course.

Even Women who are “submissive” hold the magic of their flesh—the magic of their coveted sex—and in the end, it is the possessor of this magic that is really possessor overall.  This power of sex is the power of Women, and frankly, we have let men capitalize and frame this power this way and that for far too long.  Who is a man to say what is contained in any posture of our beauty, or anyone, for that matter?   Where do these ideas come from?  Exposure to lad magazines in formative years and the lingering elements of chauvinism from old and outdated ways of thinking delude us into modesties about the Female form and its body language.

To My Sisters I would suggest liberation from this way of thinking, to celebrate in the beauty and power that is the Female form, to accept that even if we stand over Our males or bend provocatively at them, We still envelope, either way.

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Seed Retention: The Enforced Continuum of Male Desire Under Matriarchal Rule

I have recently written an article on the good of retaining male seed in My private Journal here.  I will be curious to know the thoughts of members, especially My acolytes. All this is on the heels of a new seed retention program I intend on initiating in My soon to be complete worship page within the members area. More to come on that soon…

Indeed, the Female symbol in My ideal world represents a gateway of many things: a passage through which life enters the world, a portal through which man aches to renew himself, an entrance of fleshly and spiritual Nirvana.  For what is male without pouring himself into Female, the primary organism?”

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Little pleasures bestowed upon humble slaves.


I’ve recently found a magnificent artist who epitomizes Female domination and male enslavement.  His images  have captured precisely what I envision in My ideal utopia to such a degree I begin to wonder whether we were hatched from the same egg, lol.  It was recently brought to My attention that this other image in particular reminded one of My slaves of Me. I admit, the overall look and attitude are a fair resemblance.

I love how the heads of all Her naked slaves are shaven, stripping away individuality in many of the pictures. So very ideal, in an ideal world. Point your browser to, and you will see captivating images of beautiful, ornately dressed Women being served by their naked, nameless, bruised, and pathetically interchangeable male disciples / victims. *Evil Grin

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Mailbag: What are you? No, seriously…

Dear Saharah:

Since you’re such a unique personality in Femdom, I was wondering how you identify yourself when talking about what you do to others who aren’t familiar with fetish or D/s. Would you call yourself a dominatrix, a prodomme, a Mistress or something else? I sometimes feel none of these ideas really hit you square on.


Dear Kevin,

This is really a reat question. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to expound a little more about this subject, and you’ve provided one. Truthfully, I don’t see myself as fitting into any of those categories. For starters, while I do have a “fetish” website, I don’t top men for money as a professional dominatrix does. Don’t get me wrong—I don’t have a problem with that at all. Plenty of Women are doing just that and making a reasonable dime off it (you can learn more about that in this article or watching this video on, but being paid by a “client” for fantasy fulfillment is just not something I find appealing for a number of reasons. “Dominatrix” just seems a bit dated and campy, not to mention too thigh-high and officer hat for me. I like “Mistress”, but again, popular consumption of the word just leaves me divorced from using it seriously in public.

Alpha Female, on the other hand, feels good to me personally, because all it really implies is that I tend to be dominant in my relations. It doesn’t mean I’m a top service projection, a prostitute for hire, someone’s extramarital interest of kinky friend between the sheets. It rings with an authorative “pack animal” status to me, so that’s why I tend to embrace it the most. For this reason, “Dominant Woman” would equally suffice.

I’d just like to add that though labels can be very helpful, we should never just see dominant Women (or submissive men, for that matter) as strictly one-dimensional beings, summed up perfectly in whatever moniker you (or they) choose. Labels are essential in communicating ideas and information, but they are just a starting point in referencing an aspect of personality or status.  Lets not forget the human behind them, boys.

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