Saharah Eve: Female Supremacy and Female Led Relationships

Season’s Greetings Everyone!

Created by My lovely slave, nanshakh. ūüėÄ

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Saharah’s Enlightened Despotism


My slave Nanshakh has made another wonderful portrait of his Mistress, replete with a coffle of naked male victims all chained to each other in a very fitting way. Those familiar with My doctrine will find the image quite fitting, for it’s no mystery that in My perfect world, men would be chattel to Women, and little more. As you can see, I’m featured clad in leather here. Long-time members will note that I’m not much of a leatherist at all, but I think the outfit makes sense in this woodsy setting, and doesn’t look too bad on Me at all. The image to the left is a small preview of only a portion. Get the full version on Nanshakh’s site; it’s definitely worth seeing.

I’m enjoying the talents of this male I have inherited. He’s going to stay busy, busy.

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Immortalized in Art.


I have had the fortune of receiving the adoration of a new and very talented male creature, Nanshakh. I have become his muse and Mistress…as it should be. First in a line of visual tributes‚ÄĒtributes he will be laboring over for some time‚ÄĒis his new excellent piece entitled Here She Comes. As I’ve said before, Nanshakh has a very clear vision of My ideal utopia, or at least My ideal Italian Villa! Male slaves, treated as nothing more than animals at My disposal…forced to live in cramped and joyless holes of concrete within a gated pen set away from My home when not in use. I like how the humble and bruised mutts come out of their holes to bow their heads as I walk by. You can see they fear Me yet adore Me at the same time; and how they would fear the sound of My heels! Join his site to see the entire vision, enlarged. You’ll agree it is quite a creation!

As an aside, I like his sense of fashion. The yellow dress and matching heels are perfect for My coloring. ūüôā

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Little pleasures bestowed upon humble slaves.


I’ve recently found a magnificent artist who epitomizes Female domination and male enslavement.¬†¬†His images¬† have captured precisely what I envision in My ideal utopia to such a degree I begin to wonder whether we were hatched from the same egg, lol.¬† It was recently brought to My attention that this other image in particular reminded one of My slaves of Me. I admit, the overall look and attitude are a fair resemblance.

I love how the heads of all Her naked slaves are shaven, stripping away individuality in many of the pictures. So very ideal, in an ideal world. Point your browser to, and you will see captivating images of beautiful, ornately dressed Women being served by their naked, nameless, bruised, and pathetically interchangeable male disciples / victims. *Evil Grin

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Artist Tribute: The Wonderful FemDom Artist and Writer: Nanshakh

Very few artists capture the essence of what I truly idealize in regards to the crueler manifestations and glory of Female Supremacy. I often find so-called fetish artists who draw the empowered Domina are just that: artists of fetish. They do not really seem to have much of a spirit or back story to their works, outside of the outfits and the sexual/or sadomasochistic acts themselves. With Nanshakh, we can see something else entirely: males are stripped naked, their heads sheered, their personally defining features muted into degrading interchangeability. They are truly slaves, assigned to filthy drudgery and menial tasks while their Mistresses go about life, radiant, sophisticatedly arrogant and held wrapped in the luxury of comfort and decadence‚ÄĒall at the expense of their slaves, of course. In Nanshakh’s world, Women beautifully divine and are worshiped as such. Men‚ÄĒbruised, lashed and emaciated from a life of labor and minimal care‚ÄĒgroveling and scraping for a chance to simply lick a passing Goddess’s heel. They kneel so humbly and cower and pray endlessly to their superiors, enduring cruel torments inflicted upon them by their keepers, who seem more in love with each other than the lowly male creatures around and beneath them.¬† It’s really no secret I truly admire his style and technique, not to mention his subject matter. It’s likewise no great mystery that I have become his Muse and his Goddess, so perhaps I’m a little biased. ūüėČ


I encourage you to peruse his free galleries and join his member area; you will be greeted by a robust gallery of Female Supremacy and delicious male thralldom.

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Nanshakh’s Written and Visual Heroic Fantasies of a FemDom/Female Supremacy World

It‚Äôs fairly common knowledge¬†that a portion¬†of BDSM erotica books¬†are written by submissive men who use¬†Female pen names‚ÄĒthis makes sense as the stories¬†are male-centric in nature. And what better way to describe a male‚Äôs sexual turn-ons than to have¬†the stories¬†written by an author who is himself “male”. ¬† Male authors, in other genres, have also written books under¬†Female pen names, e.g.,¬†Harold Lowry, writing under Leigh Greenwood. ¬†A good book is a good book no matter the sex of the author. ¬†That being said, there is one fantastic author of¬†heroic, FemDom/Female Supremacy fantasy who is 100% male and writes as a male.¬† ¬† Not only does he write exciting FemDom fantasy stories, he‚Äôs also an artist.¬† His name is Nanshak.¬† He‚Äôs a man who knows FemDom beyond the dimensions of¬†fantasy‚ÄĒ he has lived the daily reality of it.¬† And not as a fun, fetish-party weekend “slave”; rather, he was a TPE consensual slave. ¬†Thus, when he creates his images, he is doing so¬†from primal understanding and first hand experience. ¬†This minor fact adds a seductive allure to¬†his stories and drawings, and places him in a unique category onto¬†his own. ¬† S

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