Saharah Eve: Female Supremacy and Female Led Relationships

“The person who accepts transience begins to feel weightless.” Alan Watts

“I worry.  And I worry that I worry.”

In January I received a letter from a man who was suffering from gender dysphoria. He and I spoke back and forth for several months. He felt burdened by his dysphoria because even after medically transitioning, he still didn’t find the peace he was searching for.  To escape, he tried drugs, alcohol, yoga, therapy, psych meds—all abortive attempts in the end. The more he tried to escape himself, and was unable, the more depressed he became. Soon he was depressed over his depression.  So what could he try next? Perhaps letting go of trying. Perhaps the real monster is the struggle to get out. Observe, don’t run; running only antagonizes the pain.  I’ll soon have his email posted in the private journal; I hope that those who also suffer from gender dysphoria may find it helpful…



“No amount of anxiety is going to make a difference to anything that’s going to happen.”

Alan Watts

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