Are you stalking Me?
Saharah Eve, Female Supremacy, male slavery
he power of sex is immense in humans. By “sex” I do not mean to speak strictly of the act, but of its influence and interplay between us as living creatures divided throughout time into Female and male; biology’s manifestation of the binary nature within the Universe in which we live—positive and negative, light and dark, fire and ice, and so on. It is My belief the power of sex—inherently the power of creation—is enthroned in the Female. She is the wellspring from which life flows and the template from which the male derives. This is My primary reason for belief in Female Supremacy; that the Female is, by comparison, of greater biological and social value than the male. This is of course not to say the male is without value. Quite the contrary; I believe men have a purpose, and it is to serve and protect Women as divine beings with all their natural talents and strengths. I believe it is the nature of man to prostrate before his chosen Goddess. He was created by Woman to be Her slave; To worship Her, to please Her and protect Her from harmful and menial toil. I believe males are better suited living lives according to their animal impulses when directed and chaneled by Female leadership. This is the synergy I idealize for dominant Women and those men who choose to submit.

I am Saharah Eve, and this is My website, which partially expresses My life as a dominant Woman through a culmination of writing, photos, videos, and journal anecdotes. I created this site for My own enjoyment, and that of My followers foremost; you are free to join and read along, if you're curious. I offer no apologies for my doctrine, nor compromise. Those who disagree are free to expound at great length elsewhere; this site is about Me; therefore, it will reflect My thoughts—as narcissistic or absurd as they may seem to some. If you have a problem with what I've said above regarding My take on the sexes or Female-led relationships, I would politely suggest this site isn't for you. If what I've said here has struck a chord in you, chances are you'll like what you find in My galleries, videos, writings and journal entries. You may even have a chance to serve Me if you show enough merit. This site is mostly private, and available to members only. You will find the areas accessible to the public here are quite sparse. If you are curious enough, you are welcome to join and see more of Me on the other side.

— Saharah


What is Fem. Sup. within A F.L.R.?
Female Supremacy is the belief in Female leadership and Matriarchal values over male leadership and patriarchal values. Female Supremacists believe the Female-led relationship is the ideal relationship archetype. Everyone practices it a little differently, but the above usually applies.

Do you hate men?
No. I love men. I love submissive men even more. Keep in mind that those males who live this lifestyle are not victims, but willing participants who enjoy submitting to Female authority. Likewise, the Women who engage in this lifestyle have to be good leaders, nurturers and discplinarians. This is not achieved with thinly veiled misandry, but enjoyment of male submission and Female dominance as a lifestyle.

Do you have a dungeon where I can...
I believe what you mean to ask is if I'm a "Pro Domina". The answer is no. I do not have a commercial faciility, nor do I charge per-hour for a transient one-on-one dominatrix "service". While I do make money from this site and give attention to callers on a pay line from time to time, that doesn't put me in the category you're seeking. With all respect to pros who also live the lives they project, I live real-life Female dominance as a lifestyle, not simply a fetish business. I suggest finding a professional Dominatrix through DDI, Tino's Domina List or some other similar resource. Good luck, and who may have a very fulfilling journey.

Can I serve You?
The chances of serving Me are slim, as I am very selective. I will only consider those males who understand My message and believe in the good of Female-led relationships; I take only the best. I also have to actually like a male who serves Me and find something useful in him. This means building a relationship, not setting up a check-out line for here today, gone tomorrow types. If you are serious about pursuing this endeavor, you should first join My site. I refuse to talk to would-be servants who can't find the gumption to do so; stinginess and willful ignorance is not attractive to a Woman. If you're truly interested in serving Me, join My site first. Then, click here.