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Ball Busting Chicken Liver

My males are born for one thing: to please Me in all ways—ways they may or may not like. Often I enjoy using their pain as My amusement and pleasure. Look at Me— My slaves could never say no to Me. I forced him to swallow down dry, rubbery chicken livers. The sight of his torment amused Me to no end! Oh, and I beat his dumb nuts too. This was worse for him than eating the horrendous livers. But he loves Me and there's no end to what he would do for Me, no matter how arduous! My perfection rules him!


Confined and Teased

Since the cage restrains movement and access to anything outside its bounds, I’ve decided to use caging and dieting from time to time to keep My slave on a restricted diet. I can’t help but mix in some sadism with a noble cause, however. READ an article I wrote on fasting a slave, and watch the movie inside.


Homecoming Disappointments

When I travel, it’s a well known commandment of Mine that I must always come home to a clean house, where My slave has not only made things comforting and relaxing for Me, but also zealously provided tributes of how much he missed Me in the forms of flowers, chocolates, and perhaps a gift (if I allowed him to spend money at all). Long story short, nothing was prepared for My arrival home. There were no flowers, no tributes to Me, and the house was somewhat in shambles. So, needless to say, I was not amused after such a long flight. A harsh punishment was the inevitable remedy. Instead of the pet on the head he’d usually get, it was several swift kicks to the balls and a flurry of angry slaps. And then round two: a harsh belting.


Conditioned Domestication

A letter I had written to a slave has been converted into a hypnosis format. It is regarding his reality in My stable. Long-distance separtion requires special skills to keep the dynamic alive!

Squats and Smothering

My good looks are due mostly to excellent genes, though I also make certain I keep in good shape through physical exercise regimens, too. As readers may know by now, My workouts employ passive male labor in the form of stools, benches, and other inanimate things. But why stop there? A male is designed to suffer for the Goddess he serves—to long for Her endlessly. What better way to deny the male, than when a Woman primes her beauty, literally, right in his face? Watch Me hover over My slave’s face as I workout My legs and glutes. He’ll of course never taste Me directly, but he can squirm in frustrated lust as My ass hovers inches from his face. I’m well aware of My sexual power and of course use it to ensnare My males endlessly. Under such a deeply carnal spell, they are numbed and powerless to resist.

Oh, and guys...be sure to click the "next" button under the video in the members section, as there are two clips total to this video!

break for balls

Before stepping into the shower, I decided I’d have some amusement at My towel boy’s expense. “Amusement” is a bit of a one-way door in My world, often meaning a physical ordeal of some shape or form on the male’s part, and at the time, I felt like busting his balls with My feet. Balls—those dumb, delicate and vulnerable orbs in a fleshy sack—tend to garner My wrath more often than not. I suppose being cruel to them is a personal fetish of Mine! There really never has to be a rhyme or reason for dishing out that sort of comeuppance for being male in My realm; it’s a foregone conclusion. And of course I made him grovel afterward. It’s good being Queen.

Irrelevant expectations

Slaves and those seeking to be slaves come to learn sooner or later that their expectations are wholly and completely irrelevant in My eyes. My wishes, My goals, My pleasures, and, perhaps most difficult of all for some egos to accept— My visions are all that really matter. As My slave, you truly are an insect beneath Me, unfit to even kiss My feet. And when I so allow, you will fall all over yourself to thank Me for the honor of even being close to Me, much less touch Me. Good slaves keep this in mind. Good slaves don’t lose sight of how lucky they are to even breathe in the same room as their Mistresses. With that kept in mind, their expectations, as meaningless as they are, should hardly manage to rudely intervene. And if they do, there is always the crop…


Slave Collaring and Purification

New slave ceremony; 6 month contract— head shave, collaring and purification.


Dissolution of the self

As usual I'm shaving My slave's head— erasing all traces of that clinging ego. In slavery there's no place for I-ness. I've noticed more and more of My sister Dominas doing the same thing and I love it. It's a wise decision to shave a slave's head as it obliterates his ego. Our males don't need their egos anyway; they're distractions and serve no one but themselves. I wrote a blog on this subject matter inside the Private Journal. The video is coming next!

Click Click Click!

A Woman's long nails are miniature high heels at the tip of Her fingers. Claws, tiny daggers, symbols... (see private Journal for written Article)


Showering Mistress

Ordinary shower. :)



Sexy Workout

Sexy workout with a human bench!

I don't always use a human-bench when I work out. When I do, however, it serves to reinforce their status as "slaves". It's quite symbiotic in nature and you'd have to understand the intellectual makings of a slave's mind to understand. Soon, I'll be putting up a leg workout with him; from start to finish. It's exhausting as you will see.




Voice-Over video regarding the nature of a slave's mind and his mental bondage to his Mistress.



Clean the Cherry

Relaxing afternoon with a book and cherries. And, a boot-licking slave, of course. ;-)


Nothingness Vid

A blog regarding the nature of "Nothingness and slavery" can be found inside the Members area. Here is the video regarding same.



Humbled Release

Deeply filled with humble gratitude, My slaves' seed mean nothing unless it serves a greater purpose. If you're interested, come take a peek! Video voice-over on the subject of chastity and release.



Bathing, Etc.

Sneak peek in FemDom everyday life.




Sarah Palin's Word Salad

Hilarious sadism! Nothing more fun than making My slave pay for Sarah Palin's dimwitted quotes!

Two clips.



Sacred Moods

Unfair has no meaning in a slave's subservient existence. Fair is what Mistress wants and decrees, always. (See video and read blog article entry entitled: "Sacred Moods" inside).



Nylons and A Release

Creamy lotion, sensual nylons and one lucky creature who was granted permission to release that white, labor building, slimy mess.



Teased and Denied again

The Buddhist principle "yin-yang" applies appropriately to a slave's life; their pleasure can not be had without pain.



Sissy Bakes a Cock Cake


My slave doesn't identify as a sissy and neither does he know a thing about sissies. He knows nothing about LGBT issues or the transgender spectrum. That said, I seized the opportunity to have a little fun. Poor creature; he was instructed on how to bake a cake in a very Feminine, seductive way. But, that's too easy ... he was also educated and tested on the transgender spectrum. Needless to say he failed and was brutally punished. This is satire, strictly for My entertainment!



Before a Swim

Swim suit on, ready for the beach ... though not before a little ball kick fun!



Ordinary (voice-over)

A glimpse into an ordinary day in a Female-led relationship home. Nothing fancy; quite mundane but true to the essence of authentic, choice-based subjugation. Watch My personalized creature prepare My breakfast as you listen to My voice discuss the topic of how Female-led relationships can be quite ordinary. See also a blog entry entitled: What? No swinging on chandlers?



Salute My Flag, slave

Before I render My morning whipping upon this slave, he's ordered to salute My flag first.



Night of Sadism 2 (Voice-over)

In My world, slaves' needs exend beyond recreational sex and fantasy to a more visceral desire for discipline, structure and high-protocol. And, equally important, My entertainment. :



Huntress 2015

See description inside.



I like bananas although they do give Me heartburn. My slave gets heartburn too but it doesn't matter to Me! ;-D


Morning Dew 2015

For quite some time now I've been advocating the importance of active dominance for those in an established, long-term, 24/7 Mistress/slave relationship. To enforce My philosophy I establish core forms of protocol which I enforce and monitor with unyielding conviction. A full description of this morning's whipping can be found within the private video section.

Jacuzzi 2015

It is interesting how today, in this age of empowered instant publishing, a Woman like Myself and other FemDoms can easily be the producers, the content, and the beneficiaries of the admiration toward that content—simply by slipping Her robe off, turning on the camera, and doing something that is for the most part fairly ordinary. But the men viewing will still pay, with great alacrity, money to see Her flesh and to watch Her form. This is the sum and substance of remote body worship: the simple and yet undeniably powerful act of allowing men to see Her body and adore Her achingly from afar. Please look forward to more content expounding on this concept in the coming months!


Bowl of Nectar

It's always productive to feed slaves—what good are the simple creatures if they can not labor to their fullest potential. I am happy to obligate. Watch as the animals lap up My divine nectar. Such beasts!


Decompression for

Ball Busting

My slave has back issues (natural ones—not the ones I cause!) and has purchased a handy device that helps to decompress the spine by hanging the body upside down. Leave it to Me to find a nefarious use for such a device, of course, and I certainly did. It puts ball busting in an entirely different perspective, so to speak. Not only is access to the male part easier, but punishing it when so exposed is more entertaining. Even My cat found the entire affair worth watching. :-)


Reverence For Foot Worship

The Keeper —so far above the carnal desires gripping Her slaves' minds, bodies and hearts. In this video, I surprised My slave, deigning to permit his ardent supplications. It's one of the many ways slaves express their adoration. They appreciate My attention as they know I have more elevated matters to attend. I do enjoy watching and teasing their burning desires. Oh My humble, docile slave, forever held in an interminable wait, always desperately hoping for his cherished, beloved Mistress's capricious attention. What does it matter anyway? They are infinitely devoted, more than they could have ever imagined was possible. My docile male, My domesticated servant, perfectly obedient and humble. At My beck and call. What else matters? They will always wait, enthralled by the passion I've inspired in them.

Whips and Kicks

As most Members know, I enjoy strolling the city with My slaves. The creatures usually know how to make sure I have with Me everything that I may want. Unfortunately this dim-witt of a slave had forgotten several items during our walk. Nothing can be more irritating to Me than petty mistakes. So irritating in fact that it spoiled My pleasure and made Me feel like immediately heading back to the house. But before that the animal received an appropriate punishment - right on the spot. And since I have little use for incompetent slaves, once he's received the whipping he deserved I have decided to make a detour on the way back.  I dumped the beast in the underground dungeon. One or two days locked up in absolute darkness, in a cold and humidity of a sordid cell, without food or water!  I think that should teach him to pay more attention the next time I allow him to carry My purse. And all the more since naturally I won’t inform him on the duration of his ordeal.  How terrifying that must be for him to not know when his Keeper will let him out, if ever...Whipping, deprivation, isolation, fear, that's all slaves understand, isn't it.

abdication of Personhood

Voice-over video...Not much to describe here. Just a Woman settling on Her slave's face, imprisoning him totally under Her and between Her lovely Feminine buttocks. How fun to feel his irrepressible desire and his unrelenting love. His helplessness too, and his fear. What is a relaxing position for Me while, he endures an anguishing struggle. The miserable creature is shown his true place, not only down under, not only crushed, but utterly subjugated, at the complete mercy of his revered Keeper. Aw, poor male... Enjoy watching him "struggle". ;-D

Beach Workout 2014(Pt. 01)

Human Bench. There is the BowFlex, Ab Roller, Belly Burner, etc.—all neat gadgets, I’m sure— but I don’t need any of that stuff when I have slaves willing to take on inanimate forms of My choosing. And My slave makes quite a lovely inanimate object indeed, such as a bench and stool to work out My gilded glutes. I use slaves expressly for this purpose when the mood suits Me, such as in this video, where I’m working out on the beach. Always sure to draw a crowd. :-)


The Mitt Romney Workout

No pain, no gain. It’s a tired axiom in the workout world but it’s absolutely applicable and more than a little relevant for My slaves (especially if they have been made into effigies of certain personalities in the public eye that I don’t mind venting My spleen upon). Enjoy cruel Female coaching at its finest!


Early Afternoon Reading

Late morning/early afternoon relaxing moment with book and slave in tow.


shave head 2014

Obviously the point of a Mistress keeping slaves is to be freed of all menial concerns and chores. This being said there are some small domestic tasks I find enjoyable and I will make a point of taking into My hands. One of them is the shearing of a slave's hair. I have to admit I get a special gratification out of this innocent ritual. See Blog for more details.


Central Park Stroll 20

It's one thing to dominate men in the bedroom or behind closed doors, but it's another thing entirely to bring their subordinate status into the open light of public display. This is not anything unusual for Me, however: I've been walking My men like dogs in the park for some time now—boldly and unapologetically. This is the way an ideal Female/male relationship looks in My world.



I consecrate daily whippings as a reminder of truth to My slave: he is Mine.


My Philosophy Behind Smothering

The eroticism and fun of smothering slaves…by now you realize I have a bit of a knack for it, but more broadly speaking, human nature seems to as well. Stop to think about it for a moment: how often do you see Women fantasizing about receiving this treatment? Much like foot worship, men seem naturally acclimated toward paying homage to the nether regions of Females. They can’t help fantasizing about being our footstools and seats, but the desire for this dynamic is suspiciously absent in reverse, isn’t it? Having the agency of an alpha Female, I see this simple truth and revel in smothering men, as is only right…as is only natural. My ass above them, taking the very air from their lungs, blinding them, filling their mouths and nostrils with the scents and tastes of Me…it is a reminder of the control I have over their lives, of how I encompass them wholly and weigh down heavily upon their lives. My essence permeates them and crushes them. The act of smothering, then, is not simply sexual or functional: it is deeply symbolic of the relationship shared between Me and My groveling males.



The internet is filled with a lot of surface glamour when advertising and depicting Mistress/slave imagery. Theatrical fetish play du jour or romantic fluff, no matter the context -pop culture BDSM engenders the illusion that M/s is something one turns off shortly after the costumes come off or the camera stops rolling. The truth is realities behind Female-led relationships hardly mirror imagery found in porn. For many males, the sensual component is only part of the primal engine behind their submission; there is also, in greater measure, a spiritual realism to their sacrifice and abject worship. In this video you will hear Me discuss slavery and the emotive leash while you watch slaves massaging My feet after a day of New York City shopping. I absolutely love foot massages and I like having them available at My beck and call. ;-D



Ashtray and stroll

The word "slave" does not leave room for open interpretation, in My world at least. For My creatures, slavery is all about accountability and responsibility. The burden on their shoulders is unconditional; perform a task and do it to perfection - even if the task is to sit and wait for Me. The slaves' most ordinary task is sanctified because it serves My whims.


14 Cleaning Slave

Voice-over to all My Female-Dominant-Sisters on the philosophy of domestic slaves and why males love laboring for Us.

Early Morning Whippings

As can easily be seen throughout My writings and videos I have always proclaimed to My members and other Mistresses that it is a Woman's absolute birthright to own slaves. Each and every Woman in the world deserves to have a simple-minded male creature at Her disposal. Watch My latest video and listen to more of My philosophy.


Human Workout bench

Convenience. That is what it's all about it!


George Washington Bridge

Unlike Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, I know precisely what My closest minions are up to. ;-) Voice-Over on what a slave experiences the first time I walk him on a leash publicly.


Ball Kicking Class

Having fun instructing new Domme in-training (and any Dommes who happen to be watching) on the art of ball kicking!



Cross-Dressing slave's lesson on Roe vs. wade and constitutional undermining by "anti-WOMEN'S-autonomy state legislators

I support Mistresses using their slaves for their amusement, especially cross-dressing female-impersonating slaves. I find nothing more entertaining than seeing a man dressed up as a Woman! :-D And it has to be a heterosexual man: the burlier and hairier the better. Not too long ago I decided to have a little fun with My dog. I dressed the poor slave up in a very itchy black lace tutu, red lipstick and high heels, size 10. Yes, his poor feet were squished! Since he was to impersonate a Woman I made sure he was educated on political issues affecting Women today. His first lesson included a list of states that are undermining a Woman's constitutional right to reproductive autonomy which is guaranteed under the Due Process Clause/ right to privacy. As I was teaching My cross-dressing male about anti-Women legislation, I made sure to crop him for the misogyny of degenerated male politicians. After all,what are cross-dressing slaves for, if not to suffer for their Mistress Owners? It's a fun way for Mistresses to vent off their resentment for all the crap those types of males represent.


Daily Reminders

Voice-over message to Women Dominants on what I look for in males and why station reminders matter.


Training young domme in the art of dog walking

A responsible Mistress knows how keep Her slaves fit. Of course it is up to slaves to maintain themselves in as good a physical shape as the burden of labor and service imposed on them will permit. But it is the responsibility of the Mistress to keep Her males in the right mind set, always. A strict etiquette, rigidly enforced, is naturally the basis of proper discipline for the simplistic, inferior male’s mind. But there are also some simple, ritualistic forms of oppression that will constantly keep the male beast low to the ground. Morning whippings, to name but one. To be assorted with regular punishments, with or without any pretext. Those are excellent to spur the slave's zeal and slavishness. And there are other forms of humiliations and abasement that can be enforced routinely by the Keeper. Among those, My faithful readers know how much I favour dog walks. It is both quite pleasantly recreational and effortless for the Owner, while it is a properly straining and perfectly abasing exercise for the slave; very profitable for reminding him of the abject lowliness of his condition and his definite, inescapable animal status in My household. While visiting My friend, a young Domme being initiated in the art of slave ownership, I decided to take My dog for a stroll with Her. Lovely weather to get Her used to walking a leashed male in public. Happy New Year!



Mitt Romney Beach Smack Downn

Nothing like having a little fun with good ol' Romney boy.


garden stroll

Take notice dominant Women: Every Woman should have a slave who cherishes Her fervently, humbly, loyally and adoringly. See Blog for more details.


Thanksgiving release

I'm a celebrative kind of Woman. It's Thanksgiving after all—why not let the animal release his harvested fertilizer, hmm? Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Wax In the Ear

Many free and unclaimed males admire the lives of Mistresses and their slaves. Yet most have never lived an M/s life and have a ghost of a notion what slavery entails save perhaps what they have learned on the intranet. This slave's knowledge was rather shallow. He lived in the "confines" of a fictitious world but spoke as if had real experience. While quite intelligent, his perceptions and analogies were empty—until now. See how quickly he learned not to second guess a Mistress's order.


Dog Training

Athough there's a widespred gamut of definitions for the term "slave", I would conclude the majority of males share the same fundamental markers for slavery: a biological need for exploitation, service, obedience and worship. That said, it's incumbent upon Women to refine the slave's inherent qualities to suit Her personal liking. In this video I did just that. My dogs are grateful for My generosity in training them—any attention from Me is divine to My males.

Cold as ice PT1

If you've been following along, you know I recently condescended to put My former slave back into chastity a little while ago out of pure commiseration. As with any ex-slave of Mine, he remains at My beck and call and knows he might be called back on duty at any moment. In this instance, I had taken him to serve Me for a picnic. As you know I am always in the mood for some entertainment— and always at My slaves' expense, of course. While it was only a month since I had condescended to affix a chastity cage to this male, I decided why not test him. There is nothing more entertaining than tease and denial. Surely an opportunity for fun for Me and a flimsy chance of release for him. I had the desperate beast masturbating at My feet, anxious to get My permission for a release. While I am all for a little fun— My fun, I am also a Woman of strict principles too. As such, I maintain things should never come easy for males. Each time the animal was imploring Me, on the verge of spurting out his disgusting mess, I had him immerse his ugly organ into a large bowl of floating ice cubes. Nothing like putting the ardent passion of a male to the test. Surely if his carnal desire for Me was enough, he shouldn't be put off by a little coolness, no? Poor poor males… they don't have much resolve do they? Anyway, you'll just have to view the video to see how it turned out for him.


Shaving a slave's head

I recently decided to shear My slave’s hair to further deprive him of his personality traits and ingrain even deeper in his subservient psyche the absolute extent of his abasement and depersonalization. The results went even beyond My expectations. Naked as a worm! Lol - And it worked wonders on the silly beast. It made him happy too. That is, after the initial shock. Well, anyway, I'm sure it will make him happy in the long run. The way he was expressing his gratitude immediately afterwards was quite touching. And it did improve his slavishness and eagerness to serve Me, no doubt. Once again, I'm pleased with My brilliant idea.


Leashed males

Walking men like dogs in plain sight on the streets of New York City and using their credit cards for shopping - - what else is new?


Cum-addict gets facials

I had much fun the other night directing this new male to suck My slaves' cocks. His new name is "cum-addict". He quite enjoyed the ordeal as you will see. As always in My world, only My own pleasure is of any importance, whatever enjoyment a slave could ever hope to get can only be consequential to My sacred satisfaction. It's always pleasantly entertaining for Me to watch those males who crave to suck dicks but wouldn't dare to avow their bi-sexuality. What's the big deal? Everyone knows males are pigs - most anyway. Even the cerebral type. This little cum-addict is a neuroscientist and no matter how involved his life is in academic areas, beneath it an obscure drive is brewing - cum facials - which he received abundantly from both My slaves that night. LOL. Naturally I forbade him to wash the dry paste from his face overnight. It's always important to let creamy facials dry before washing off. Am I not simply too nice sometimes?


Wax Time

Among the many ways Women are superior to males, Mother Nature gave Women higher pain tolerances. This is why it is easy to torture the poor animals. Watch Me rip the fur off My male. Was he able to handle the sting? He had no choice! His pain really wasn't a central concern of Mine: he lives for My affection.


100% of Corporations depend on government welfare

What was it that clairvoyant Mitt Romney said about the beliefs and ethics of 47% of Americans? This is satire in case you didn't know. ;-)


Foot Worship and leisure

Slavery is all about hard work, obedience and sacrifice. The purpose of having slaves is to be relieved of menial tasks. All My slaves work hard to make My life easier. There isn't a day that goes by when I'm not exploiting My males' muscles for My betterment. As any Female supremacist in a Female-led dynamic will tell you, a man's physical strength does not make him superior, it just makes him a better worker. That being said, every so often I like to reward My dogs for their hard work. And while it is true for My slaves that their rewards come from giving not getting, unexpected rewards serve an effective way of reinforcing desired behavior.


Massages and Human Ashtray

Enjoying servitude and worship!

No Expectations

If a slave's mind is not made to be open and pliable, if he allows his ego to get in the way and measure out for itself what is proper and what is not, his servitude to Me is an easily popped bubble. I want My slave to be My slave. I want him to be mindful of our protocol because I want to own him and possess him through and through. I want complete and total obedience from him and not a particle less than that. I want him to bend to My will. And never forget: slaves do not appoint themselves as arbiter of what's right or wrong. You can watch Me discipline My slave for forgetting his station. It happens from time to time. Yes, males aren't perfect. I don't mind correcting the creatures, nevertheless. Hear My lecture to him and voice-over in the video.


Chronicles of Female-Led Lifestyle training

The Female-led lifestyle seems to be striking a chord within this lovely Lady. I am teaching Her the art of Female dominance, championing the truth that males—all males, have no higher purpose than to serve, love and worship Women! Well, at least in My world. :-D I will share with you the chronicles of Her training wherein She will learn the power of Her sacred Feminine energies, the grace in leading males and reducing them to their natural subservient state, and the beauty in deprogramming males by annihilating old, toxic patriarchal conditioning which intended to debase Femininity. And most importantly, She will come to understand and embrace the unvarnished truth that males are at their optimum, most useful spiritual state when ruled by Feminine values.

Jacuzzi Tease

A little tease for My loyal members. :-) 


Towel hop

As I enjoy a warm shower, My dog assumes the uncomfortable position and waits. Head bowed reverently low, arms raised high above him, holding the towel as an offering during the entire time. His absolute immobility, his resigned passivity, providing such a perfect counterpoint to My absolute freedom. I know he has not even dared raise his eyes to contemplate Me, no matter how the conscience of My ravishing nakedness towering above him must have been teasing and obsessing him. Such perfect obedience. 



Vacation Accessories and voice-over on love

Passivity and slavery are mutually exclusive. When I condenscend to take My slaves with Me on vacation I make certain they remain in strict observance of My protocol. This video offers a glimpse into some of the ways I use My males while on vacation. I included a brief dissertation on the issue of "love" and its place within an M/s dynamic. Listen as I explain why not all men have the intellectual makings of a slave.


Day of fun with slaves

Yes indeed variety is certainly the spice of life…particularly a fun life. When things get a bit mundane, I like to change it up with the kinds of sensual oddities that only males under the spell of unbusted nutsacks can provide. The following montage was shot all in one day/evening. Aside of entertaining the eager query of a new transient meat puppet I met from Niteflirt, My sadistic play covered the gamut from humiliation, to ball slapping, to thereputic golden showers, and forced male-on-male. Once I itch the urge to use and abuse, My males are safe... for a little while, that is. ;-)

Tease and deny and deny

Sometimes a Woman just needs to get out a little aggression, and since slaves deserve to be abused anyway, what better target for this could there be than My very own quivering, orgasm-denied male. I enjoy putting My slaves in chastity only to tease and deny them midway through their seed retention cycle. It's amusing to watch their bodies nearly collapse under the unbearable pressure. Poor things.


Eat It, Pig

Last evening, I felt the urge to inflict the most disgusting humiliation upon My slave. Not only to abase him, but to see him strive desperately to obey Me while I was subjecting him to the ugliest degradation. He had not done anything special to warrant such treatment actually, he just happened to be the slave at hand. I ordered him to ingest the most revolting food, and the mere thought of him suffering amused Me. There was no limit to what My male would try to endure to please Me, and he'd never dare refuse anything I handed him, however disgusting it might be.

Of course the harder My male tried to submit and humour Me, the more it provoked My cruelty. What's a slave for if not to stimulate the vindictiveness of his Mistress? So I became all the more implacable. And his pathetic attempts to swallow the increasingly nauseating mess I was handing him only served to excite My ferocity. Actually, it required nerves of steel to keep Myself from thinking about the repulsive stuff I kept forcing him to eat!

Dog Walks

It's well known I view My slaves as animals. And as such, I often aim to continue asserting their animality through strict dog training. It's My belief a Mistress in a Female Supremacy based relationship will want to regularly assert this form of conditioning in Her slaves.

Shower stall beating

Voice Over. Having a slave is quite handy for a Woman. Every whim of the Mistress is met by the male with alacrity and proper diligence. Well, usually. Here, My slave took too long to clean My shower stall. I, being a generous Mistress, corrected his behavior. I never miss an opportunity to discipline My animal!

Ethos of suffering

Voice Over. A good Keeper knows a slave's conditioning must be permanent, and that She must not wait for those tiny slips in decorum, those minute signs of negligence in their submission and service to enact severe punishments. An experienced, demanding Mistress knows that even when Her slaves are performing perfunctorily, serving as best they can, they must still be kept on a short leash, and constantly disciplined. By maintaining them under permanent pressure, by never allowing them to feel comfortable in their servitude, the wise Mistress will keep Her slaves at their best.



It's Halloween time. Where can a Woman find a couple goblins to assist Her in getting ready for a scary night out? Not an arduous task when She owns two slaves who hold no greater ambition than to make Her life comfortable and pleasant. Watch Me condescend to use My slaves as I prepare for a Halloween party. Can you guess My costume? :-) The haunting whispers of the dead beckon. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


Day at the Beach

The purpose of My slaves is to make My life pleasant and easier, even in a paradise like this. Everything else is secondary, including his comfort or regard for the beauty around him. He stares at dirt and mud, as males should often do (when not consumed with My feet), enduring My weight as I sit and breath in the fresh ocean air, surveying the beauty that all the world has to offer. Wind in My hair, sun upon My face. I am Female, after all


Romney Lies

Happy soon-to-be Halloween and I do hope every one of you are going to the polls to vote this year. There is a lot riding on this election and we can't let liar boy into the White House and elect more Supreme Court judges. Read all about his recent debate lies here. :-)


Morning Glimpses

How does the day begin with an imperious Mistress? With Her slave lying prostrated before Her—naturally. That is, if he should be so lucky as to sleep in the same bedroom. Sleeping on the floor beside My bed is as close as it gets to "sleeping with Me" for slaves. I make certain to mark My males often with My fluids, as well, lest they forget their stations and who owns every inch of their lives.


Mascot mess

I'm having one of My slaves read off a list of bills from the GOP—only a few out of 900, actually. In the beginning of the video he is made to avow his nut sac stupidity for buying the wrong party mascot mask. But then again, perhaps his incompetence is justified.


Doggie Bowl

"Urotherapy" dates back to several ancient cultures. The Egpytians believed urine had medicinal qualities and the Aztecs used urine to cleanse wounds. Even today, some people practice urine drinking as a form of medicinal therapy. Watch Me nourish My eager slave with such therapy. :-)

Devotional Acts

Men, by nature, are so addicted to the feel and scent of a Woman. Even as the effects of aging start to erode the quality of the DNA in his sperm, you will always find males hungry for and captive to the desire of attracting Female attention. Some of the animals will even jump at the opportunity to drink from Her fount. So, when I'm feeling generous, I allow My slave the honor of drinking Me straight from the source. But, generosity does not imply something given without being earned. Slaves, as always, must earn their place beneath Me—even to consume My waste. Good male, now open up...


Beach Benches

Men serve their Goddesses in many ways. Sometimes it's for sheer amusement. Other times it's monetary or through hard, hard labor. No matter the need at hand, My slaves submit to Me and in so doing, submit to serving Me in all ways—including serving My body. And what better way to do so than to become props and inanimate benches for My workouts on the beach? :-) And I just wouldn't be Me if this did not involve some devlish amusement in kicking them around!


Cord Punishment

My dogs know I expect My orders completed as quickly as possible. Consequences are crucial in managing slave behavior. Male creatures who have a fetish for pain must be disciplined with tremendous corporal punishment. In this clip, you will see Me implementing corporal punishment on My very masochist slave for his lackadaisical wood flooring task.


Poolside Face Sitting

Voice-over POV: There is only one proper place for a slave, and that is under his Keeper. Naturally, a slave knows he is always under the authority of his Mistress. The yoke that is keeping him low, permanently making him feel all the weight of Her despotic authority over him. That's where his life is: low, down, abject, under. She only has to settle Her magnificent ass on the slave's face, to imprison it entirely beneath and between Her lovely Feminine buttocks to instantly feel his irrepressible desire, his unrelenting love. His helplessness too, and his fear.



Voice-over POV: I own My slaves in full. But there is one part of My slaves' anatomy that is even more fully Mine than any other, including their brain washed brains, because that part instinctively knows by itself who it belongs to. It naturally stands at attention at the click of My fingers, eager to demonstrate that its first allegiance is to Me. No wonder that the most docile slave might not fully understand how his genitals were designed by nature to be of exclusive service to the Superior Sex => XX. 


Morsels of Female-Led Happenings

A few random video documentary glimpses into My many uses of male slaves. A heavily burdened and domesticated slave is a happy slave. You can see why My slaves are so addicted to Me. The only expectation a male slave has is to be oppressed and exploited—it is really that simple.


Savage Amusement

Many of you are familiar with this sort of fun. I could not think of a more entertaining evening than watching My slave play the role of Alter Ego Ricky Santorum—under a certain influence, of course!


There are times when a desire to explore sadistic amusement comes to light. I always take the moment to teach some well-deserved lessons in the process, as well. A Woman can never be entirely done with disciplining her slaves and teaching them their collective place: under My ass.

The Open Step

Men should provide a fundamental need for Women in the everyday world, and that is to free them from the monotony of harmful and repetitive toil. A man's servitude turns a lengthy shopping expedition into a joyful walk; I go about free of feeling the weight of the very things I purchase, while the male bears it all for Me. My life is free, simple, and graceful—as it should be. How could any Woman deny the good in that?

Entertain Me, slave

Men need a higher power—something to look up to and believe in. I'm quite willing to indulge them in that desire, of course. Acolytes online are commanded to meditate to this hypnotic focus upon the divine for all males: Female Ass.

Universal Lessons

Often times one slave must bear the harshness for all other slaves whenever I happen to be in the mood to lecture on station reminders. Which particular male receives the beating is insignificant. Each lash inflicted and each word spoken is understood as a direct message to each slave individually. I made this one to sacrifice himself entirely for the rest of the stable. My points were driven home and that is all that matters.


I tape My slave's mouth wide shut, allowing him to only breath through his nose. Breathing that way is difficult to do when your face is being crushed by My divine ass, of course...


I thought I'd start off the new year with a classy heels and lingerie video, just to show most men who will never meet Me what they'll never have. Now aren't I a Bitch? ;-)

Bi Your Command

My slaves share a common drive: to please Me in all ways—ways they may or may not like. From time to time, I do enjoy coerced bi; it's a little pet pleasure of Mine I take great amusement in. Look at My perfection. Drool over My beautiful Femaleness. Get sexually frustrated, and at the last critical moment, when you think I may show mercy and allow you a kiss or even a lick of My flesh, you get a big throbbing dick, instead. Not performing to My exact liking? Then you'll find a whip on your back until you measure up, Xy.


slavery isn't easy (dog devotion, take deux)

I like giving pain right to the source of a male's maleness—that is to say, his nutsac. Why fool around with expensive chastity devices when you can simply head down to your local Petco and purchase instant gratification? Since My male's raison d'êtr is My pleasure and satisfaction, he'll gladly and loyally endure whatever pain I deliver to him, as demonstrated in this video. Oh, and that bathing suit? That's a big red V for victory, baby. Females rule. ;-)

Mass Mantra: 12 Tenets

I make My slaves to worship Me as their Goddess, and in so doing, mantras, rituals, and prayers are inevitable. Lest any question the power of the dominant Female, one need only review the uniformity of abject worship in the males at my feet. I hope this video helps to inspire.


Pot Luck

I have mild vorish tendencies from time to time, making certain the things I devour are males of any given species marked as food. Being a Female Supremacist, I suppose that only makes sense, no? I do like eating lobster, and entertaining My sadism while cooking does tend to happen. :-)


Cock Tease & Denial

There's ball busting, and then there's making My slaves suffocate under My ass. The gesture sends a clear, unmistakable message: you are nothing more than a seat, beneath Me, and unworthy of looking at Me eye-level.



Yes, yes, I know: another ball busting video! I love kicking men in the nuts—I can't deny it. And since it's a favorite personal pleasure of Mine, I'm all too willing to incorporate this form of corporal punishment into My discipline for unruly males. I have absolute fun meting out discipline and a lesson is learned in the process: it's a win/win situation for Me...as usual. ;-)


Female Entitlement

There's a reason Mother Nature created males with stronger muscles. When put to use for the greater good, properly channeled male strength can be employed to benefit Women and the society of which they are a part. Or, in this specific case, exploited for My sheer pleasure. Yes, sometimes in My infinite mercy and compassion, I allow My slave to take a well deserved break from his labors - - to massage My body. Aren't I just the sweetest and most giving Mistress?


Pain Game

The rules are simple, but the game itself isn't: whoever falls forward the most after I deliver an ardent blow to both their sacs looses the contest, and the spoils for the winner are nothing more than to await the next round while the looser receives a fierce lashing. Very entertaining!

Strenuous labor is food for the male soul

The painstaking work of sand in the Buddhist mandala is created with prayers and laborious precision, only to be swept away as a lesson of impermanence. Similarly, I enjoy assigning My males painstaking tasks that involve physical suffering through ambitious labor, only to repeat it again another day. The spiritual lesson? To remind them of their place as males in the greater tapestry of life; that their lot is to serve, to labor and to suffer for Females.


lesson in Economics

My males better be au courant in US economic and financial matters. Tell Me, what was the cause of the 2008 financial meltdown, again? CRA? *Smack. Lest there be any doubt in My mind about his quality of learning, I will, once again, gladly beat the influence of patriarchal greed and disinformation out of him until I'm satisfied.

male servitude, ass worship, foot worship

Lounging A La Being Adored

Red wine, a good book, some chocolate covered strawberries and a groveling slave at My every beck and call. This is the essence of enjoying enthronment.


Male Suffering, Al Natural

A young male is rigorously put to the test in his ability to withstand his Superior's cruel attentions amidst the beautiful wild. What better place than to teach a man his natural inferiority, than in the lap of nature itself? Whipping, nut sac abuse (admittedly with the help of the miracles of modern science), face sitting, and foot worship. This video has it all.

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I made one of My slaves into bisexual acts sheerly for My amusement. Notice how I said "one of My slaves". The other male is clearly enjoying it. What a pig!


A male from Rome finally receives the chance to prove his love and adoration for Me beyond mere words. Written concepts, thoughts and knowledge are empty and superficial when embedded in pixels. Rarely is the man who he tries to mimic, especially in cyber land. Luckily for this male, I am open and receptive to being proven wrong—to a certain point, of course.


Discipline, post picnic

Slaves need to be continually disciplined toward knowing their place; spare these reminders, and you run the risk of allowing them the sin of complacency.

Training To Heel With Crop

Training the mutt to walk is a tedius task. Though, a few good cracks of a crop can spice up such mundane responsibilities.



I'm always more than happy to remind My slaves the purpose of nut-sac cultivation. Now aren't I helpful?


Domestic Dog Walk

Women have known for some time now that men are dogs. I take that Female wisdom and apply it to My domestic life with absolute literalism. Leading My slaves around like dogs isn't an unusual scene at all in My domicile, because I know men are dogs.

Foot Worship & Crush

Body worship is a pleasure I grant My well behaved slaves from time to time, though the pleasure is as much Mine as it is theirs—if not, doubly so.

mistress on beach

Strict Discipline

A self-absorbed slave is not a slave; he must learn to relinquish the poison of his ego. Only then can he find solace at the feet of his superior—the Woman he is destined to serve. Males: if you wish to truly benefit the cause of Female Supremacy, you will serve to a degree that does not constantly warrant the whip...but of course I'm quite happy to oblige in training you, if the need arises. Your flesh serves Our flesh, and it will be punished for deviating.

mistress on beach

Beach Bunny

Big strong hands are useful on the beach, when I lie in the sun and drift off to sleep, getting a full body massage. Ah, this is the life! :-)

slavery, stockings, golden showers, sadism

Household Montage

Moving imagery of household service, cropping, marking à la urination, sushi eating leisure and lingerie.

CBT, pigtails, Mistress

CBT...In Pigtails

Since My previous CBT video was so loved, how could I not do another? Ah, but this time I'm in pigtails, and giving more lectures—lol.

face sitting, mistress, female supremacy

Face Sitting & Lecture

Watch as I indoctrinate a devotee on the basics of Female Supremacy at his own house—and on the kitchen counter, of all places. You'l never know where you'll end up being sat on by Me. Bonus: enjoy the background jazz. :-)

human donkey, beating naked men, CFNM

Sun, Sand & Slavery

Summer is here—obviously. While this fact brings great opportunity for leisure on My part, it inevitably means more work for My nutsacks. Slaves don't and shouldn't get time off—ever, especially if My trips entail carrying chairs, coolers, bags umbrellas and so on. It's such a pain, and it takes away from My pleasure; I want My days in the sun free of labor! I also like to be entertained, and nutsacks provide that for Me. After they drop their payload, sometimes it's fun to just kick them around...

Mistress tramples slave


Sharp heels and naked male flesh; what more is there to say, other than it's a blast (for Me, that is). As for the male beneath Me...not so much. Aw.

raw passion of slave for Mistress

Toe Sucking: Just Because

For good behavior males are often rewarded by being allowed to worship Me—even if I'm indifferent to their amorous and lustful displays. Men are captives to desire; Women are free to be as indifferent as they wish, and still are worshipped in the end.


ball kicking, cropping

Cropping + Ball Kicking

My servants inevitably end up finding out I'm a stickler for consistency, particularly with communications protocol. If you wish to find yourself in My good graces, answer every email I send, and gracefully. Failing to do so outside of a car accident or alien abduction will result in pain. The pain can be emotional, yes, but often I just can't pass up kicking a man in the balls. Be warned! :-)

whip and beat slaves

Vacation Beatings

As in, vacation for Me—not My slaves. Vacations are in fact times when slaves work doubly hard for My pleasure. After all, when I go somewhere to purposefully enjoy Myself, I expect My males to work extra hard in making the experience seamless. When they fail in doing so, I'm more than happy to offer the right incentive.

new male slave

Service Orientation

It is important to orient a male upon first meeting, to disabuse him of whatever mythology he's inadvertnetly absorbed through mainstream jibberish on the nature of servitude. I take these meetings quite seriously; they are the first lesson of many soon to come. That is, if any new prospect succeeds in lasting with Me. I reject more candidates than I accept.

slave worships Mistress's foot

Abject Foot Worship

The natural place of a man is at the foot of a Woman. Regular foot worship should therefore be a staple in a Female Supremacy-based relationship between Mistress and slave. The symbolism speaks for itself.

Entertain Me, slave

I've always said the need for exploitation is the hallmark of an evolved slave. That said, you can see why My slaves are so addicted to Me.


slave humps my leg. Ick.

leg humping

Need I say anything more? I think the pictures above are worth a thousand words. Once in a while I let the animal mount My leg, but he's always got to clean up the mess he makes (if he's allowed to make one in the first place).


Slapsdick Humor

There is something magically entertaining in watching the arrogance of a fully erect cock go to half-mast, then droop under the scold of a finely manicured Woman.

human dogism


Some vignettes of human male dogism. Eating from a bowl of evening scraps and spending Saturday night in a cage while I go out with My girlfriends and enjoy the night life. Who needs men out and about? Cages are a better alternative.

more introduction into Female supremacy

lessons in humility: further down the spiral

This male managed to make it to stage two: conditioning through humiliation and suffering. It is important to reduce male ego in all the little corners it hides. The technique used here is but one of many I employ.

Mistresses beautiful ass

bubble bath

Juicy, no? Males: watch a video exemplifying the Female body parts that make you all drool. Yes, we Girls have the power.


exercise ball

Yes, girls, men serve many purposes. Among them, I'd be willing to wager "workout ball" is not one that comes to mind too quick, but think about it—soft, infinitely positionable, and folds up neatly when not in use. Nifty, eh? But wait, there's more! In this video you will learn some basic upper body exercises, all within the comfort of your own home. Workout ball and dumbbells (the ones I'm holding) not included. Consult your doctor before undertaking any excercise—or belonging to Me for that matter.

household slaves

household slavery

Glimpses into the many benefits of the lifestyle Female Supremacy provides for a Woman when employing males for any number of rudimentary and menial tasks, such as shaving, pampering, cooking, cleaning, serving as ashtrays, boot polishing, etc.

male slave whipped by mistress

lessons in trust and self-preservation

A self-preservational instinct is common in all humans—even the subhuman types (males). It's important to remind your slaves that slavery means surrender in all things, including protection of oneself. For of course a slave must trust in his Mistress's leadership before ceding his complete obedience and loyalty. Remember to click the arrow; there are 6 clips associated with this video.

males beaten

Spontaneous Vignettes in Discipline

There are numerous times I physically correct My males throughout the course of an average month. Most of these moments are never caught on film, but other times they manage to be. This is a small collection made up of two scenes in which I am administering correction. No real back story; just a few glimpses into My application of corporal punishment.

female supremacy fun!

saharah says!

At some point it dawned upon Me: why not make training and discipline fun with a little Simon, or rather "Saharah" says? Let's start. Saharah says watch this video...


slave is crushed

foot Crushing

Sometimes a Woman just needs to get out a little aggression, and since male human dogs deserve to be abused anyway, what better target for this could there be than your hard-working animal. I love sitting on the faces of My dogs, especially ones that remind Me of old Hollywood look-alikes of James Dean. :)

toruring my slave in public

shock collar fun (well, for me, at least)

Fear gets results. Steadfast and unrelenting application of a shock collar is a good way to modify insolent and destructive behaviors in your human male dog. Watch Me introduce My human animal to the stabbing pain of a remote shock collar while shopping in New York City.

introduction to female supremacy

face sitting & lecture

Lecturing a male on his place while seated firmly on his face goes together nicely, if I say so Myself. Denial of breath, denial of orgasm, the image of Female ass the last thing he sees before being made to hear certain irrefutable facts about male inferiority, all with a painful side dish of slaps and belts; this is how it's done.

human dog needs a bath

doggy wanna bath?

Do My dogs fear or look forward to the baths I give? I tend to think a little of both, but you be the judge. ;)

feeding my slave

dog training ii

Second in a series of human dog training videos, I reveal a typical morning with My dog and discuss the economic and health benefits of feeding your mutt table scraps from whatever you cook for yourself.


spill your seed, slaves

spill your seed boys

After prolonged denial, it's in the best interest of your pack's health to let the poor creatures eventually release—but not without a little evil fun in the process.

your man can be a dog too!

dog training i

First in a series of human dog training videos, I give the viewer an introduction to the key philosophies behind converting men into dog-like pets in a Female Supremacy-based household. The fundamentals of psychological conditioning and physical cues for commands are covered with simple demonstrations of punishment and reward. An excellent introduction to dogism.

foot worship

men are the same everywhere

I like men who know their place from the very beginning. It wasn't long after our introduction that this one was greeting Me properly with plenty of toe sucking and foot worship.

female face sitting on male

Envelope the pathetic male

Males are such simple, sex-driven creatures; they want nothing more than to live directly under Our asses. I'm happy to oblige with that station reminder, but to be crushed under Me until breathless is also a reward for good behavior. The pathetic Xy has to earn it.

ass worship, toe sucking

rare rewards

It's productive to allow My males some freedom in expressing their ardor upon My body, but it's always the highest of rewards.


tease and deny the slave

Tease. Deny. Tease. Deny.

Male semen is better kept inside; the longer it's held, the more productive the mule is. It frustrates them, but keeps them hungry and begging for more. I like to tease them with the idea they'll actually get to release. Of course they won't. It's amusing dashing their hopes, though.

severe discipline of slave

forgetting your place=severe pain

An Alpha Female sometimes needs to keep Her slaves in check with physical punishment. Let something go, and you passively encourage it. Good boys understand beatings are for their own good; it keeps them on the path to mindless obedience.

not allowed to cum

desperate male...but i wouldn't have it any other way

It's imperative to addict males to sensual stimulation. Thankfully, this isn't so hard; Mother Nature built them just for that purpose. :-)


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slave worship Mistress's boots
Slavery to a Female Supremacist

Men, when lucky enough to find themselves serving as slaves in My home, know they are there to serve My every whim and need. That's what slaves are for, after all.

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foot fetish
Foot Worship

Males belong at our feet. That is the only relational paradigm between the sexes I recognize as harmonious.

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